2019 Travel Plans and Goals

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My travel related goals for 2019 are to a) visit at least 5 countries of which 3 new ones, b) have mini holidays in Finland at least twice, c) participate in at least two blogger meetings / events and d) be abroad for at least two months during 2019. How am I going to meet these goals? That’s what will be discussed in this post!



2019 Travel Plans and Goals



January and February




During January and February there will mostly be traveling in Finland since I’m pretty busy with school – I’m having very intensive surgery course and some exams from the last year to do. We haven’t done exact plans yet but since I have study leave from work, I’ll have all weekends off which means plenty of opportunities to explore in Finland. 🙂







Last March we visited Geneva, Switzerland and Ibiza, Spain. This year at the same time we’ll visit Geneva, Switzerland and Madeira, Portugal. We’re going back to Geneva because my husband travels there for work every March. I’ll go there to have own little holiday and to take some gorgeous photos. After few days in there we’ll have almost a week-long vacation together in one of my favorite places in Europe, the Island of Madeira.


I’ll do a longer post about our plans later but basically, we’re going to explore around, go see some of the hiking routes called Levadas, go to a dolphin safari and eat some delicious Southern European food.


Btw, I still have some posts written but unpublished from last year’s travels. I’m trying to work on those as well during this spring. Thanks for being patient!







During April I’m doing one month of work related to my studies in Finland which means I won’t be able to travel more than maybe do some weekend long getaways to somewhere in Europe. I’m dreaming of making some extra money with my own company and funding a photography trip to somewhere in Europe. For example, Norway, Croatia or Italy could be cool.







May is a big question mark for me at the moment. On the other hand, I’d like to make some money and gain some experience but on the other hand another road trip to Europe could be great and quite inexpensive thing to do.


I would love to go visit some small town located up in the Alps and also explore Southern Europe by car. Last time we explored Sweden, DenmarkGermany, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, AustriaLithuaniaLatvia and Estonia by car. This time I would love to add couple more countries to this list.







I will be working in Finland for June and July which means that there won’t be much traveling. Maybe some shorter getaways or just exploring Finland. Fortunately, even this cold Nordic place turns into a nice place during the summertime.


It would also be nice to cruise to Sweden or Estonia and explore those for couple of days. I think it would be great to go take some photos to Southern Sweden. I’ve heard that the lakes there are extremely beautiful during the summertime.


Anyhow, at the beginning of August I’ll have 1-2 weeks off which means I can maybe go explore a bit around. I’m not yet sure if I’ll just go somewhere alone, explore Finland or if we’ll go somewhere further.



September, October and November




I don’t have my university schedules for these months yet. Only thing I know for sure is that I will have one week off during October and otherwise I’ll mostly be at school on weekdays.


Probably there will be some holidays though, but I haven’t done much planning yet. Some things I’ve been dreaming of is to explore UAE during the short break in October, but I cannot book anything before getting those schedules.







What comes to December I have decided to have the holiday season off for the first time in like 11 years or so. I have been working every Christmas time lately and since I really hate the fact, we don’t have basically any sunlight in Finland then we’re heading to somewhere sunny this year.


We haven’t booked anything yet but we’re basically thinking between Asia and the US – or someplace tropical like Bahamas. I would like to combine some sunshine with good food and shopping opportunities. Anyhow our budget might not be too big, so we might end up to Europe, Middle East or some other place near to Finland.



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When are where are you going to travel this year?


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