10 Must-Know Camping Tips for Beginners

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It’s time for a guest post again! Today’s post will teach you the basics of camping written by Demi the founder and editor in chief here at Outdoorsdoc.com. There she will share everything I know about enjoying and surviving the outdoors and sports. Whether you love to go outdoors, you will find interesting and informational articles on her blog!



10 Must-Know Camping Tips for Beginners


How many times you have planned for going backpack trips for trecking, fishing, mountain climbing, kayaking and camping in the alluring wilderness? I guessmost of us dreamed at leastdozens of times,  goinginto the wilderness for having fun with their family and friends.


Unfortunately, for some reasons,we have to compromise with our dreams sometimes. But remember, your journey starts from where you start!  This is the exactreason why Iam here,shaking your inner craziness, challenging personality that dreamed of backpackadventures and camping in the tempting wonders of nature.


Let’s imagine for a sec, you are in the deep and dense wilderness, on the bank of a peaceful lake experiencing the mesmerizing sceneries and few of yourfriends are fishing, some are cooking food, and you are making arrangements for camping and bonfire for the evening. How amazing is that! Camping can offer incomparable enjoyment. But the contention arises if you haven’t experienced a camping nightbefore and lackingknowledge of Do’s and Don’ts in the wilderness.


Considering your essential requirements, here I have compiled a list of 10 must know Camping Tips for beginners and useful for frequent adventurer lovers too!



1. Check Out Your Essential Camping Gears First


You have arranged all the campingstuff fromhere and there, now all set. But you mightknownothing about its implementation and imagined to use them perfectly in the wilderness. Well, this must be your grave mistake. Speculationhave no chance in tough conditions, only your knowledge and practice with your gears can help you out.


So,prepare a list of your essential gears on a prioritybasis that you are going to use. Arrange waterproof camping tents, foldable table for keeping stuff in front of your eyes, a container for carrying drinking water, nylon ropes, shovel for multipurpose use, sleeping bags and the best hammock underquilt for doubling the enjoyment of your camping.



2. Invest In Buying A Spacious Camping Tent


Camping with Friends


Usually, it happens with the beginners, that due to inexperience they avoid spending extra bucks on camping tents. But your enjoyment could be spoiled if you are expecting rain on your camping site and you don’t have enough space for all. Moreover, yourtent is not waterproof. Just imaginethe situation. How filthy it would be?


So be smart, and buy a really good quality and spacious camping tent, so that in any condition your enjoyment may not get any hindrance. For instance, for 6 persons buy a camp that can adjust at least8 persons in it.



3. Set Up Your Camp Early


While enjoying in the campsite, beginners can forget the essence of setting up their camp first. Setting a camp is not an easy task, you have to clear out the surroundings first, then you have to keep that area safe by making a small trench around your camp. It takes a lot of time maybe 3-4 hours for beginners.


So, as early you start with camping, more it would be comfortable for you. Moreover, proper arrangement of other stuff is only possible if you have accomplished this huge task.



4. Quick Energy and Plenty of Drinking Water


Never underestimate the essence of food and water while you are planning camping in the wilderness. Ever a fistful eatables and a few drops of water can act like your life savior in unprecedented conditions. Keep high protein and vitamins enriched quick food like chocolate bars, sandwiches,  and energy drinks and potable water. You are not required heavy food, as it leads to laziness and you can be deprived of your camping experience if got slept.



5. Proper Clothing 


Proper arrangement of clothes according to weather conditions is necessary. Forecast weather reports from metrological departments can assist you in preparing you camping day and night safe and comfortable. If the temperature is expecting to down, then wear 3-4 layers avoid hypothermia. If you are expecting rain, keep rain suit with you. Also, wear rubber hunting boots for the comfortable trecking experience.



6. Follow Weather Forecast


It can be really painful if you haven’t forecasted weather from authentic source i.e metrological department. If you are on your campsite and all set, but, raining clouds surrounds above your campsite and you have to sit inside your camp till the rain stopped.  Therefore, it is not recommended going camping if the weather doesn’t support.  Always move on after a weekly forecast of weather, in order to avoid weather conditions.



7. Follow Camping Rules To Avoid Inconvenience


Wilderness camping requires a proper management of gearing stuff and knowledge of camping rules. When you are planning for camping, never forget to take permission from required authorities and always leave your message in the form of a postcard to police and your relatives.



8. Plan Your Camping Site Close to the Habitat


As youhave just initiatedyour camping fun, you are not required to go deep into the wilderness. Keep your camping site easily approachable to local rescue teams. Because the realityis ruthless in the forests, even experienced adventure aficionados got stuck into the tough conditions of the wilderness. Then what will be your chance of escaping?



9. Follow Campfire Rules In The Wilderness


Widerness Camp


In order to conserve the natural habitat, follow proper guidelines before and after making a campfire. Always use the already broken and dried sticksof trees, and extinguish the firecompletely after use. Leaving loopholes in these activities can cause devastating losses to natural property.



10. Last Minute Guidelines To Follow


Always keep your mobile phones off in order to save battery. Use your gadgets in emergency conditions only. Keep your ready available foodstuff on outers of backpacks. Pack your backpacks according to your potential. Know your limits.


Summing It Up….


Camping can be an amazing recreational activity for your family and friends if you are ready to follow some basic rules, tips, and tricks to manage your stuff. Keeping a list of essential stuff like flexible nylon ropes, shovel, waterproof tent, illuminating materials, and some hammock underquilt for comfort and better camping experience will be helpful. There are lots more essential tips for beginners, it will be appreciated and helpful if you share your valuable experiences commenting below. Let’s have a fruitful discussion over your camping strategy.




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10 Must-Know Camping Tips for Beginners


Do you guys enjoy camping or do you prefer hotels and high-life instead? 

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