October Wrap Up 2018

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It’s crazy how fast the fall is turning into winter. The September is already behind and it’s less than soon Christmas and then spring, yeah! For me October was a surprisingly easy month and it kind of went without my noticing it haha! Anyhow, it’s now time to wrap up October 2018.


Below you can first see video about my month and after that you can read about a bit more. If you don’t feel like reading, you can also just check out the video – on the other hand if you enjoy reading, feel free to skip the video and just read the post. 🙂



October Wrap Up 2018


VLOG Version




1. Studies & Work


October Wrap Up 2018 Studyin with Poodle


During October I had two exams in medical school, one about psychiatry and one was a smaller exam about neurology. I haven’t got the results yet but I’m pretty sure I passed both. It’s crazy to be back on track with passing everything after during last spring I was so much sick and even more working that I had to basically retake all the exams (oops!).


I had also one economics related exam about marketing management. No results have arrived from this one either, but I think it’s also passed. Now I should do a stunning marketing plan for my company by the end of the year to pass the whole course.


Work would have needed my quite much this month but my uni was making the scheduling super difficult again. Fortunately, I have great colleagues by my side who were able to help me couple of days I missed because of school.


October Wrap Up 2018 doc


If you’re thinking between medicine and something else and you’d like to have a life and work in addition to school, don’t choose medicine. That’s the biggest lesson last two years has taught me. At least in the faculty in which I study they seem to assume nobody has life outside school and we basically have zero percent chance to affect our own schedules which can be really frustrating sometimes.


What comes to my own business, there have been big things happening lately since I published my book about search engine optimization. It’s available in Apple Books and Amazon and I’m excited to help fellow bloggers and entrepreneurs with it!


My SEO Basics Book


In addition to doing my book, I’ve done plenty of content to companies and added a lot of photos to my portfolios in Shutterstock, Dreamstime, Alamy, 123rf and iStock. Some of those photos are not yet published but still. If you need some Christmas related content, I recommend you checking out my portfolios. 🙂


Also, in case you need content in English or Finnish, translating between these languages, photos or blog cooperations do not hesitate to contact me. There will also be much more coming in future, so stay tuned!



2. Healthy Living


October Wrap Up 2018 food


I’ve done quite fine. I’ve been walking with the dog a lot but haven’t had time or energy for actual workouts. What comes to diet I could have done better but I could have done worse on the other hand. The month has included multiple events related to food and wine which has proved that my diet wasn’t the best. But well, I had great time and there isn’t much food related things ahead during November so, hopefully I’ll do better then. 🙂



3. Home Decoration & Personal Life


October Wrap Up 2018 Kämp Spa


There’s nothing new in the area of home décor. What comes to my personal life I kind of think I haven’t met almost anyone of my friends after our wedding. I’m just in my university town where I just study and do my social media. And almost all the weekend I’ve just worked.I hope I’ll get my personal life back next year. Anyhow, I had some great time with my husband in different events and I also had one weekday off that I spent in Kämp Spa which btw is amazing one located in Helsinki.



4. Blog and Social





Näyttökuva 2018-10-31 kello 9.03.09


I have been pinning a lot of content in Pinterest and did some more pinnable content to my upcoming posts to make sure they look good in Pinterest. I’m at the moment having around 10.000 visitors in my Pinterest profile daily which is amazing. I had an unofficial target of 500.000 monthly impressions per month by the end of the year and I really think I can make it. It’s crazy how Pinterest is a lot more fun and easier to grow (at least for me) than the other platforms like Insta and Twitter.


There is still a lot of room for improvement with the social media on me and this blog, but I believe baby steps will take me there one day. I know that starting from January 2019 I’ll have significantly more time for my social and I’m planning some big changes there already. Cannot wait to put my plans into practice!





During September 2018 I posted to this blog 9 times. This included 4 lifestyle and 3 travel posts + 2 cake recipes. All the posts are linked below.



All the Posts of September 2018:


2.10. I Love Me Fair in Helsinki Free Ticket Giveaway and Introduction to the 2018 Event


5.10. Scandinavian Home Decoration – My Apartment #2




10.10. Blueberry White Chocolate Mirror Cake – Cake Party 5/8


15.10. Fox Harris Jimbaran, Jimbaran, Bali, Indonesia – Hotel Review


Fox Harris Jimbaran Bali Indonesia Hotel Review 17


17.10. I Just Published My First Ebook!


20.10. Raffaello Cake (Almond & Coconut Cake) – Cake Party 6/8


Daiwa Roynet Hotel Ginza Tokyo Japan Hotel Review 3 Breakfast


26.10. Hotel Review: Daiwa Roynet Hotel Ginza, Tokyo, Japan


29.10. 10 Must-Know Camping Tips for Beginners (Guest post by Demi)


Camping with Friends


31.10. October Wrap Up (this post)



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October Wrap Up 2018 Pin


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October Wrap Up 2018 Gaijin


How was your October? Any plans for the rest of 2018?


  1. Honestly this post was a breath of fresh air! I enjoyed reading it. And OMG!! Med school, Work & Blogging! you are like a super Human! Have the best end of October and an even more fun November.


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