Free I Love Me Fair 2018 giveaway + intro to the event

I Love Me Fair in Helsinki Free Ticket Giveaway and Introduction to the 2018 Event

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Have you heard of I Love Me fair, the Northern Europe’s biggest health and beauty industry trade fair? This event is held in Helsinki, the capital of Finland, every October. This time 2018 I Love Me Fair will take place 20th to 21st of October in Messukeskus, Helsinki.


When I knew that I’ll be visiting the event for the first time this year and started going through all the information about the event I was positively surprised how much this event has to offer! In addition to my own ticket, I got two extras from Messukeskus organizing this event. Below you can learn more about the event and in case you would love to go, you can also participate in a giveaway in which there will be two lucky winners getting free tickets!



I Love Me Fair in Helsinki Free Ticket Giveaway and Introduction to the 2018 Event



Introduction to the I Love Me Fair 2018



* Photos from 2107 event by Petri Mast, Copyright Messukeskus Helsinki, used with permission. Featured image at the top and pinnable post at the end of the post are a stock photos.





The Northern Europe’s biggest health and beauty industry trade fair!

Official site of the event:






Open for beauty professionals from Friday 19th to Sunday 21st of October

Open for the public on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st October from 10am to 6pm





In Messukeskus of Helsinki

Address: Messuaukio 1, 00520 Helsinki, Finland



What’s There?




There is a huuuuge bunch of health, beauty and wellness related programs available. The event will include things like yoga classes, fashion shows, beauty related competition, lectures about healthy living and taking care of your beauty, multiple makeup brands to try, a lot of discounted products to by that are related to health, beauty and wellness and much more.


The things that I’m the most excited about are 1) getting new information about health and wellness industry and companies, 2) the discounts – I hope I would find new haircare products and probably some makeup, 3) meeting new people. I’m sure the fair weekend will be super interesting and fun! 🙂


Ps. You can see the full program in the official website of Messukeskus, in Finnish and in English. The program site is a lot better in Finnish so if you understand any prefer that one! It’s a shame that the English version covers just offers and some tips.




How to Get Tickets?


Shop tickets from the official Messukeskus shop by clicking here!


If you’re hoping to get a free ticket, remember to participate my giveaway in which you can win free e-ticket that offers you one day access to the event! More about the giveaway below.



Free Ticket Giveaway to the I Love Me Fair 2018






2 e-tickets to I Love Me Fair 2018


There will be two (2) separate winners of which both will win one (1) ticket to 2018 Nordic Travel Fair. The ticket will give the winner free access to the event for one person either on Saturday or Sunday.



How to Participate?





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By subscribing you’ll get amazing tips and information to your email in future. That way you won’t miss any giveaways or other awesome things happening in this blog!


If you have already subscribed via email before, you can move straight to the step2.





Leave a comment below telling why would you like to visit I Love Me Fair 2018? Leave your email when commenting so that I can check that you’ve done step 1. The email won’t be visible to anyone except me.


Note: Please participate only if you actually want and can go to this event (or have someone you can give the ticket). Also, if you’re under 18 years old, please make sure you have your parents permission before participating.




Important Dates


This giveaway will run from the moment of publication of the post until midnight Monday 15th October (GMT+02).


I’ll email both winners by Wednesday 17th October so, make sure you leave email that actually works and remember to check it!



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Good luck to the giveaway! ❤


  1. I have never been at the event before and really want to go this time. I do have some skin problems and hope I can get some help for that also. I have some friends going, so hopefully I can go with them top.


    1. Sounds like this event could really help you and also offer you some great time with friends! Good luck to the giveaway and please remember to confirm your subscription before the giveaway ends. 🙂


  2. I’m hoping to find some good bargains on beauty and nutrition products!
    Also would like to see the bodypainting competition on sunday.


    1. Yes, the body painting definitely sounds interesting, I would like to see it too! And I’m sure there will be plenty of good discounts. Good luck to the giveaway Annina and remember to confirm the subscription with link that came to your email. 🙂


  3. I am actually going there already but I would love to win this one ticket and take my best friend there with me as a surprise.


  4. I was there last year and was so inspired by all the information ja new products I didn’t even know existed! Also my budget is very limited at the moment, but my skin has always been very problematic, so I really need to give it some love by using quality products, and at the fair there is a lot of nice discounts 🙂


    1. Sounds that you would benefit this lovely event and the products it can offer to you and your skin. Good luck to the giveaway, Anni! 🙂


  5. I would really love to go there. It would be really amazing and relaxing experience to girl ..oorrr nowdays for a woman who always thinks others more than herself.. i think the year has been really difficult to me..and i think i need some relaxing time with myself.


    1. This could sure be a nice way to spend some quality time with yourself. Remember to confirm your subscription in your email to participate this giveaway. I hope your year gets easier during upcoming months, remember to take good care of yourself too – not only others. All the best and good luck to the giveaway, Eveliina!


  6. My skin has a lot of acne scars and they are my biggest insecurities. So I would like to go to find great products with good prices to solve my problem. Besides that I would like to live a healthier life in all the senses, so it would be great to receive tips about that!


    1. Sounds like a good idea! I believe these is a lot of information about skincare and overall wellness available in the event. Good luck to the giveaway, Maria! 🙂


  7. I really loved the event when I visited it last year, and I really would love to go there again this year! It combines all my passions, healthy food (and food supplies), organic cosmetics and sports. New products and great offers- and this year they also added yoga to the program ❤


    1. Sounds like you have loved this event and would enjoy going again. 🙂 The offering of this event is definitely great for people interested in health and wellness. Good luck to the giveaway, Reija!


  8. I am very excited about the possibility of going to the “I love me fair” because I am extremely passionate about health, wellness, and beauty 😀!
    I practice yoga as my main way to take care of my mental and physical health. My yoga practice had helped me develop more awareness in my body and mind which ultimately has lead me to make more conscious decisions regarding my health, such consuming healthy food, incorporating exercise in my everyday life, consumption habits, and surrounding myself with positive individuals. I believe that in order to maintain your wellbeing, you have to take an eclectic approach and really assess all areas of your life that cause stress, not ONLY pay attention to food or exercise. I would love to further deepen my knowledge about health and wellness at this event.

    Despite the fact that I love yoga, outdoor sports, and other physical activities, I am still a huge lover or make up and beauty products!
    Ever since I moved to Finland from Canada, I have tried to find different beauty products to replace what I used in Canada, which sometimes has been difficult. This is why I got so excited about this event! I would be really happy to discover new brands AND find makeup that does not contain harmful ingridients and is cruelty free 🙂. More over, I would be so excited to participate in the yoga program, and watch a fashion show, which I have never done before !


    1. Hi Pranvera, thanks for your lovely comment!

      I can see yoga and healthy living has brought a huge amount of amazing things to your life. Additionally, I can fully understand your passion to find some new products here in Finland. I used to live in the United States and then in Finland again and I was having that exact same struggle both times!

      I believe participating I Love Me 2018 could be an amazing and helpful event for you and I wish you good luck to the giveaway! 🙂


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