Scandinavian Home Decoration – My Apartment #2

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Anyone looking some Scandinavian home decoration inspiration? Today I’ll share modern, light colored and beautiful decoration of my apartment number 2.


I decorated my second from scratch with less than 3500€ ($4000). 90% of the items are new so if you enjoy shopping used furniture you can achieve a similar look with half of that money for sure. I will spend quite much time in this one during the upcoming winter so, I wanted to make the apartment comfy. I also wanted to save some time so, I shopped most of the furniture new.



Scandinavian Home Decoration – My Apartment #2




Above you can take a video tour to my apartment #2 if that’s what you prefer. 🙂



I bought my second apartment earlier this year and had no furniture for decorating it. It was great to have a place like an empty canvas – I could fill it with anything I like!


I didn’t touch the walls, floors or roofs. They are were already made with love white, natural white colors and quite dark brown wood. I like the combo and since everything is in a pretty good condition I decided to keep everything as it was. You can see the empty version of my apartment #2 in my previous post.


Next, I’ll share you different rooms and areas of the apartment decorated!



The Kitchen


Scandinavian Home Decoration Kitchen 2.0

Scandinavian Home Decoration Details088

Scandinavian Home Decoration Details084

Scandinavian Home Decoration Details083


The kitchen is my favorite part! It’s spacey and has very pretty surfaces already. I just added a table with chairs and some little things like my bright light, cute little flowers and a coffee maker. I don’t drink coffee but my husband and some friends do so I had to get one.


After doing the video I visited my mom and she gave me a smoothie blender (yeah!). I could maybe add some paintings to the wall and maybe a lamp but otherwise, I’m pretty happy with my kitchen the way it is.



The Dining Hall Area


Scandinavian Home Decoration Dining Area


Since there is so much space in this apartment I decided to have a second dining table and make part of my big room a dining hall. It includes the bigger table that can be extended so that it’ll seat up to 6 people on the sides. Additionally, there is matching tables and a cute round lamp from Ikea. A tablecloth and maybe a painting could be nice additions to this area of my room.



The Living Room Area


Scandinavian Home Decoration Livingroom7

Scandinavian Home Decoration Livingroom9

Scandinavian Home Decoration Details111

Scandinavian Home Decoration Three


About half of my big room is dedicated to hanging out. I love to have my white couch there, it’s pretty, comfy and it was very affordable compared to its size. This one is perfect for hanging out, reading or doing social media. I try to do more by a table but for me, it’s just natural to work and study on a coach or on a bed.


In addition to the white coach, I have a pretty carpet that was on sale for 40€ ($50). I think it’s pretty simple and neutral. Not my favorite but nice compared to its price. In addition, I shopped a three (I’ve always wanted one!) – or actually a face three because I’m horrible with real plants. In addition, I have an old door as a part of my decoration. It actually belongs between my big room and the corridor but I didn’t like having a door there and it’s actually cool as a decorative element.



The Bedroom Area


Scandinavian Home Decoration Bed


A bit less than a quarter of my big room is my bedroom area including a queen sized bed with matching legs with my couch. When my dog is with me in this apartment, there is also his little bed near mine. I think this area of my apartment #2 looks kind of empty, maybe I could buy some decorative pillows or something?



The Bathroom


Scandinavian Home Decoration Bathroom1

Scandinavian Home Decoration Bathroom0


The bathroom of this apartment isn’t too big. There is basically a sink, toilet seat and shower very close to each other. Additionally, there is a spot for a very small washing machine.


I bought a small washing machine and a carpet first. I realized that there isn’t a shower wall or a place for a shower curtain. To fix this issue I am looking for some solution but haven’t found a good one yet.



The Corridor


Scandinavian Home Decoration Corridor3

Scandinavian Home Decoration Corridor2


Lastly, here is the corridor which is the first thing you see when entering the apartment. I’ve added some carpets and a mirror to the corridor. Additionally, there are my dog’s cups at the moment of these photos and video. When I have more time and money I’d love to renovate to the door of my unused clothing room located in the corridor.



Wrap Up


Scandinavian Home Decoration Room

Scandinavian Home Decoration Details101


Overall, I think my second apartment starts to be quite nice and I’ve actually already spent quite much time in this one and my dog and husband have also visited here during a couple of weeks which is nice. I wish I could do some own photoproducts or paintings to decorate my home a bit more. Some pillows, carpets or more lamps could also be nice.


If you guys have any suggestions on how to make my second apartment even more cozy and nice, please leave those to the comment section! 🙂


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What kind of home in decoration you enjoy? Do you like European / Scandinavian home decoration or do you prefer something else?


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