Black, White & Purple Cocktail Dress Outfit

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Anyone looking for some style inspiration? This look is perfect for daytime celebrations like graduation parties or cocktail events. I love the combo of trendy flower dress with some edge from black accessories.



Black, White & Purple Cocktail Dress Outfit




Dress: Guess

Shoes: Clark’s

Bag: Tommy Hilfiger

Watch: Apple Watch with lavender sport band

Ring: my engagement ring, white gold + diamonds



Above: Nails and the ring


I’ve built this look with my very old favorite clothes but it’s easy to find similar items with the selections stores are having during this summer.


The key for achieving this look is a cocktail dress which suits you well. Mine is from Guess, I think from year 2013. This one has interesting combo of white, grays and purple flowers. Lately I’ve seen a lot of similar prints with light pink or yellow flowers. This would work with any color really as long as it suits you and fits the event you’re going to.




With the dress I’ve paired black clutch bag from Tommy Hilfiger. I love the fact that this one has a purple stripe which makes it match with the dress better. The bag is also an oldie from I think 2014. However, any black clutch will go – and if you find something which has matching details with your dress, even better.




I wanted to give some edge to this look with black details but still keep it light and summery. Thus I added black patent leather peep toe high heels from Clark’s- these are also from 2014. I love how the toes showing makes them summery but still cool and edgy because of the color and style in general. If you want to add some more white or color to your look, you can tune your toe nails with either white nail polish or colorful one that matches the flowers of the dress.


Finally, I accessorized this look with my Apple Watch and my engagement ring. I’m basically always wearing these two, my ring for obvious reasons and the Apple Watch because it’s easy to custom to match any look (and I’m addicted in getting my notifications and heath data from it haha). This time I had lavender sport band with my watch since it matched the flowers nicely.




This look was Photographed in Nuottaniemi, Espoo, Finland



I wore this look for a graduation party of a relative. Where would you where similar look? Or would you wear it at all?


    1. Thank you for your thoughts! 🙂 I can definitely see myself using this in any of those occasions you mentioned.


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