Greetings from the Honeymoon!

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Some of you might have already noticed from my Instagram and Facebook that we’re on our honeymoon at the moment! The original plans can be found from these posts: Zürich, Singapore, Bali & Japan.


So far we’ve explored the world and enjoyed our life as a married couple for around three weeks now. We have explored Zürich, Singapore, Bali and Japan. At the moment we’re in Tokyo, the capital of Japan? And soon we’ll start heading back towards Zürich via Singapore. In this post I’ll share some of our photos and videos we’ve taken so far.


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Now to the photos and videos:



Sunny and Calm Zürich:





In Zürich the weather was sunny and perfect. It was fun to explore around, do some picnicking and go to our favorite spa in the world.



Flying with Singapore Airlines





I usually don’t write or add photos of flights but omg, I probably have to a post about our experience with Singapore Airlines. We had a huge amount of legroom, excellent food and overall a wonderful experience. Above you can see some photos from our flight from Zürich to Singapore.



Luxurious Marina Bay Area of Singapore:






We stayed for one night in the legendary Marina Bay Sands and it was amazing. Loved basically everything (except humid weather outdoors). Above you can see a couple of photos from our room and one from Garden by the Bay. As always, I’ll of course share some reviews and experiences later on but here’s a little sneak peak for now. 🙂



Affordable and Sunny Bali:






Are you up for 25€ ($30) whole body massages? How about drinks with one third of the prices of Europe and the US? Or stunning sunsets every night in a place where the climate is perfect around the year? We fell in love with affordable prices, wonderful people and the climate of Bali. Above some photos from there.



Japan and It’s Extreme Weather Conditions





In Japan it has been crazy during July. At first they had those extreme rains that caused big floods and killed some people. After that it has been around +35-40C (+95-110F). We are happy we weren’t here during those floods but that heat has also been quite extreme. One day we hiked for 15 km (20 miles) around a monkey mountain and bamboo forests of Kyoto. Honestly, I’m happy to be alive after that. At the moment, it’s only nice and cool around +30C (+90F) here in Tokyo and it actually feels cold haha!




How has your July been so far? 🙂



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