July Wrap Up 2018

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July was just amazing for us – the first week was filled with final things at work and with wedding planning. We got married at the beginning of July and after that the whole month we’ve been traveling around Europe and Asia since we have a month long honeymoon going on. Soon we’ll be back home – and back on track with work and studying.



Studies & Work


Obviously there hasn’t been much work or studies going on. Luckily, most of my colleagues are having their holidays as well so my email box stayed empty (for once!) the first two weeks. Same thing with university – everyone is on their vacations now.


Next week though, I’ll carry on my medical studies. I should do all 4th year courses and couple of exams from the 3rd during the upcoming year. Additionally, I’m planning to take 4 courses of economics and maybe some language courses during next academic year.



Healthy Living




The week before wedding I lived super healthy. Since then we have explored the world a lot by feet and got some good exercise. However, I don’t want to be too picky with my food during the holiday so we’ve been trying a lot of new foods without counting calories. For sure we’re though getting back on track when back home – it’s just so much easier in everyday life to have those same healthy foods going every single day without thinking too much.



Personal Life



Wedding Planning


It’s oveeeer! No more wedding planning ever for me, thanks. We had a perfect wedding even when taking look on the smallest details. However, it was stressing and in addition to everything else I have in my life it was really pushing my limits to perfect everything. I’ll share posts about our wedding in near future but before that I’m just happy to tell that the planning is over and I can use my time (and money) to something else in future, yeah!



Home Decoration


There isn’t much new to tell on the home decors in either homes at the moment. Or okay, we finally threw away one TV table and another table that were in a bad condition, both from apartment #1. Otherwise, we’ll carry on working with both apartments during the fall.







During July we’ve been to four different countries and we’ve had 8 flights in total. It’s been amazing to explore Asia for the first time in my life. I’ve fallen in love with Singapore and Hiroshima and definitely want to go to both again. Also, it’s been great to visit Zürich twice, it’s my favorite city to travel after NYC and Chicago. 🙂



Blog, Social and Photography






During the long flights back and forth to Asia I had a huge amount of time to edit photos and create texts. This was great since I really needed to do content for this and upcoming months. I think I have written like 50 to 100 posts or post drafts during July which is crazy. There has been tens of old cake recipes that have been waiting to be published for months, there has also been plenty of hotel reviews and other content related to the ongoing honeymoon, I’ve also done some posts about blogging, succeeding in life, home decor, travel tips and much more. I cannot wait to share all these with you!


I’ve also edited photos for almost as many posts and taken a huge amount of photos and videos that I can share with you and some that I’ll sell in some of the photostocks (see my portfolios in: Shutterstock, Dreamstime, Alamy, iStock Photo and 123RF ). I have also been super active in the Instagram and shared 2-10 Instastories daily from our honeymoon – and more is coming about my life in future, check my Instagram here if you’re not following me yet.


In addition, I have been pinning a lot of content in Pinterest and did some more pinnable content to my upcoming posts to make sure they look good in Pinterest. It has been great to have a lot of time for improving. There is still a lot of room for improvement with the social media on me and this blog but I believe baby steps will take me there one day.


During this month I also read from one blogging guide that succeeding as a blogger should be 20% content creating and 80% content sharing, marketing and networking. Thus I’ve been focusing more on that social and marketing part this month. I’m also happy to tell that since I have done a lot of content for the upcoming months I’ll have a lot more time to read the blogs of you guys, leave some nice replies and also market my own writings to make sure you won’t miss any posts! Yeah, right? 🙂





During July 2018 I posted to this blog 13 times. This included 4 travel, 3 lifestyle, 3 style and 1 wellness posts + 2 cake recipes. All the posts are linked below.



All the Posts of July 2018:


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Which post was your favorite? How has your summer started?

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