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Hey there, I’m looking for ideas on what to do in future. Also, I’m wondering if there are some international companies I should start following that you guys think could be good matches for me.


I’ll be studying for 2-3 more years and simultaneously working and running my own company in Finland. However, within 5 years I want to find an international position which could be in for example in the USA, Switzerland, Singapore, Sweden or Norway. I want to end up working and living in the US sooner or later but I’m open to exploring other places on my way there.





My background (after 2-3 years from now):

  • Education: Licensed medical doctor(valid in Europe if taking patients), BBA with marketing/management major and entrepreneurship minor, personal trainer degree
  • Work experience: 9 years of being a professional in the area of technology, 4 years in sales in other fields, 2-3 years of running own business around content creating, blogging and photography
  • Languages: Fluent English (US) and Finnish, okay Swedish which I could make fluent in couple years
  • I’ve lived 12 months in the US earlier but otherwise in Finland and I’m Finnish citizen. However, I’ve been traveling around a lot




What I’d love to do:

  • Help others to feel better and spread solutions improving wellness
  • Solve problems, for example, using technology, apps, books or training
  • Inspire and get inspired by my work and team every day
  • Get a deeper understanding of human well-being and how technologies like apps and AR can help us provide more wealth
  • Travel for work or example as a trainer or to meet international customers
  • Use my skills in written communications to benefit the company – maybe I could create some materials for the company
  • I want a position that’s either professional or management/leadership level
  • Flexible hours and the possibility to do some days remotely would be a plus but not must
  • I love doing presentations, being on stage and talking to others
  • My job could be a combination of multiple positions in same or different companies, as long as the week remains approximately 30-60 hours per week
  • Customer and employee experience and wellbeing are important to me and the company should have these in their values
  • I prefer a company that wants to have diverse teams and work ethically. I believe the diversity of backgrounds and cultures people are coming from are good things and I want to learn from different colleagues.
  • Salary should match the years I’ve spent in the university, better salary and/or lower taxes than in Finland would be great but not mandatory
  • I prefer big, international employer where processes work well and it’s possible to get promotions or positions to overseas countries as well




What I would not like to do:

  • Sit in the office 8am to 4pm every day
  • I don’t want to sell stuff for the rest of my life even though I’m good in it
  • Because of ethical reasons, I cannot see myself working for a drug store or manufacturer
  • Hospitals aren’t the optimal environment for me either
  • I’m too extrovert to spend much time in a research lab




Where do you guys see me in 10-20 years? What positions you think would be good matches for me? What companies would you start following if you were me?


    1. In medical school in Finland we all just graduate to be physicians without any specialty. After the six years you can carry on and specialize if you wish. In my BBA I’ve got marketing & management major and entrepreneurship minor. I would like to work at least some years after getting these done and probably after that I might specialize or carry on to MBA. 🙂


    1. Haha! I actually almost moved to the UK couple years ago. 😃 I’d prefer something a little different than “just being a doctor” but the UK is definitely one country where I could live for a couple of years. 🙂 I love the culture though the accent is sometimes hard for me to understand haha.


  1. I wish I could throw some light on what you should be aiming for as yours is a specialised job, but I loved your post, its truly inspiring to see how clear you are in terms of setting it all right


    1. Thanks for support, Aditinona! 🙂 I hope I’ll find that job that ticks all the boxes after I graduate. I’m happy that you enjoyed the post and thank you for the comment! xo


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