5 Packing Tips for Traveling the Right Way

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It’s time for a guest post again! Wonderful Rohit who shared his hiking trail recommendations before is back to share his packing tips with you guys! I hope you enjoy and share your thoughts and additional tips in the comment section!



Traveling can be your best escapade from stress, anxiety and your mundane lifestyle. Further, traveling is known to foster creativity and widen your perspective as you get to meet new people on your way. While you experience a new culture, you learn to adapt to new surroundings. However, packing is pivotal to your itinerary. Whether you are gearing for a camping in the woods in the weekend or planning your sabbatical in a foreign land, packing is crucial to every journey. If you are heading to your next holiday destination, you should ponder over these 5 packing tips for traveling the right way.


  1. Make A List Of “Must-Have” Toiletries and Grooming Tools

Making a list of essentials is not taxing. All you have to do is figuring out the items you need in everyday life. Personal grooming can be daunting during long journeys. So, you should consider taking travel-sized versions of your important grooming kits. If you are a metrosexual guy, you should consider taking sophisticated cordless clippers like the ones available on Manly Mattersfor trimming. Packing a roll-on deodorant instead of bulkier sprays can save space. Some items like sleeping masks, don’t procrastinate about preparing this list. You should prepare this list weeks before your scheduled departure. This gives you enough time to purchase the items. Further, you can be assured that you don’t forget anything at home.


  1. Learn Innovative Packing Techniques


Most experienced backpackers would agree that rolling your clothes is superior to folding and stuffing them into packs. Not only does it save your space but also makes them less prone to creases and wrinkles. For ladies out there, keep a soft pad or sponge in your powdered makeup to prevent it from breaking. You should consider buying a toiletry bag with several zipper compartments where you can store your toothbrush, toothpaste and paper soaps. Often the toiletry bags have hooks which can be pretty useful to attach them on bathroom doors or shower handles.



  1. Pack Dual-Purpose Garments

Dual purpose garmentssuch as jackets that can turn into tents and pillows can reduce the bulk of your luggage. There is a lot more to explore in this category. You can buy jackets that can be used as raincoats, pants that turn into shorts, scarfs with i-Pod holder and hats with fans. Modern technology has indeed brought some cool but useful innovations in performance fabrics. Performance fabricshave multifarious uses like summer wear, sportswear, trekking and mountain wear. Investing in technologically tailored garments have their own dividends.


  1. Know Your Airline’s Baggage Policy


*All the images are stock photos from Pixabay

Although most airlines allow to check-in one bag on international flights, some budget airlines may have different luggage policies. They may charge for your extra luggage. Most airlines instruct to pack liquids like shampoo and conditioners in plastic wrap to prevent from spilling. Some airlines are notorious to charge you for your carry-on bags. Some airlines can even charge you if your check-in baggage exceeds their specified dimensions and weight. So, it would be wise on your part to weigh your luggage and know your airline’s baggage policy beforehand.


  1. Purchase Backups of Necessary Electronics

Battery backup of smartphones can be a headache in long journeys. So, buy a rechargeable power bank. Further, you should carry a rechargeable flashlight. It comes handy when you are awake in the middle of the night but you don’t want to wake up your co-travelers.


Your travel stories get etched in your mind forever. However, a bad travel experience stemming from your carelessness can become your nightmare. The 5 tips above portrays various practical tools and ideas to travel the right way. Therefore, pack smart and travel smart!



Did you learn something new from this post? What are your best packing practices?


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