OOTD Spotting the Sunset in Ibiza Look

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One more look from Ibiza! This look is perfect for the chilly time that comes after the sunset. This was shot during our last night in Ibiza, we were just in time to spot (and photograph) the sunset from our hotels pool area. I hope this look is inspiring for you, the summer and these summertime looks are just around the corner!


This look is not only for spotting sunsets, it would also work for a morning walk or shopping trip. If it’s too cold, you can easily add a leather jacket matching the color of your shoes.


OOTD Spotting the Sunset in Ibiza Look






Pants: Zara

Shirt: Only

Shoes: Nike

Clutch: Tommy Hilfiger

Watch: Apple Watch



For this look I was wearing basic navy pants from Zara. These are my favorite pants. I have actually three pairs of these at the moment. I bought the first pair two years ago and now I found out that they are available in Zara again so I bought two more pairs. I also have the same pants in white and light peach. This are perfect for day or night and also for work!


The shirt I’m wearing is a second hand found I did in Helsinki couple years ago. It’s very light and breathing and also comfortable. So perfect for moments when you don’t want to stress about your look or getting too hot. And as I mentioned, if you start feeling cold with it, just grab a jacket and you’ll be good to go again.




The shoes I’m wearing are my black Nikes. I actually have three pairs of these as well (and one pair of free 5s) because they are so good for different occasions. While living in the midwest, USA I kind of fell in love with the conveniency of trainers and there has not been going back haha! I have one pair of these at work, one in the hospital and two for everyday use.


The clutch I’m having is a Tommy Hilfiger outlet found from United States. I love all Hilfiger things including this one. It’s white so it’s a risk but it was far too nice to be left in the store. One thing I also enjoy with this one is that my iPhone 8 Plus actually can fit in quite easily (which is not the case for many small bags).


The last piece of this look is my Apple Watch (as always). This time I’m wearing it with midnight blue sport band. I had like 5 different bands with me for our trip to Geneva and Ibiza, it’s super handy that I don’t have to carry a huge bunch of different watches or bracelets with me since the watch is possible to match with almost every look.




Photos are shot in the pool area of Hotel THB Los Molinos in Ibiza, Spain during early spring 2018.




What would you wear for sunset spotting? What’s your favorite place to spot the sunset?

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