5 Tips to Relax When on A Business Trip

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It’s time for a guest posts by wonderful Rohit again. Rohit is a regular writer for TransIndiaTravels and he also does plenty of guest posting for other blogs and sites. Previously he has written two articles for Dreamer Achiever: 5 Packing Tips for Traveling the Right Way and 6 Hiking Trails in the World That You Need to Visit.



5 Tips to Relax When on A Business Trip


For many of you, business travel must be an essential routine at regular intervals. Whether you are running your own business or are working for a company, you have to travel outstation for meetings, conferences and other business reasons. There are times when such travelcomes unannounced, andyou have to pack and leave immediately. It can be stressful and demandingespecially for those who are in the marketing field. In order tokeep your travel less stressful and more relaxed as far as possible, here are 5 tips to adhere to:


1. Keep A Checklist Ready


You must have a checklist wherein you write all the necessary things to carry on a trip. In case a trip comes up urgently without any notice, you shouldn’t be thinking about all the basicthings that you would need. That leads to unnecessary stress.

Rathertake out the checklist and keep ticking things off. These would include your toiletry items, formal clothes, shoes, diary, pen, notepad, and a lot of routine stuff. Someone who has to travel very frequently can also keep a separate toiletry kit just for business travel.


2. Take Proper Care of Your Tummy


You should use technology to check the hotel you shall be staying in and the restaurants around that place. Earmark the placesthat are suitable for your palate especially when you are travelling abroad as cuisinescould be vastly different. The food could be too spicyfor you andI am sure you wouldn’t want to attend a business meeting with an upset stomach.


3. Ensure Time to Relax Before Heading for Work


It would bevery goodto keep a gap of few hours between your check-in at the hotel room and the start of your business work. Flights can tire you andit is always better to relax, freshen up and be rejuvenated before you start with your business work and meetings.

A small nap in the hotel room, a quick splash in the swimming pool, a soothing massage at the spa could help you unwind and be ready for the work ahead. Home Spa Select reported that the best way to relax in a hotel is to get yourself immersed in hot water tub. What could be better than relaxing yourself in a luxury bathtubor Jacuzzi on a tiring day?

This is far more necessary for those who are travelling on long flights. It is advisable to reach the night before and check in so that you can have a good night’s sleep and relax.


4. Stay Off Mobile Phones During Meetings


It is best to refrain from taking mobile calls and messaging so that you can focus on the work. Taking calls during meetings can be straining and divide your focus. If someone calls persistently, you could takethe call as it could be something urgent. Not receivingcalls during meetings also sends the message across to your client or group members that you intend to give full attention to them. It is a subtle sign of respect and importance towards them. This brings the other person closer to you and talks can be far smoother and effective.


5. Take Time-Off for Sightseeing


Try to keep an extra day off after business work. Obviously, it’s not easy especially when you are working for someone else. But whenever possible and for those who are owners themselves, an extra day off would mean some local sightseeing and more importantly, some purchasing for family and friends. Taking some gifts home that purely belong to the local area will surely bring a broad smile on your loved ones’ faces. And you would agree that nothing could be more satisfying and relaxing than that.



Have you guys traveled for business? If yes, how do you relax during and after those trips?


  1. Most business people tend to forget to enjoy even just for a bit when they are on a business trip so this is a great reminder!


  2. Business trips are so fantastic!I recall travelling with my mum during one of her trips and we’d actually eat well, tour the place and I’m certain, her phone was always away during the actual sessions.


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