Wellness Wednesday 2/5: Lifestyle Choices that Keep Me Healthy and Happy

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Your life choices have a significant affect on your healthiness and happiness – or the lack of those. Take care of your body and mind with the tips below and achieve your dreams and live long and happy!



Lifestyle Choices that Keep Me Healthy and Happy


Eat Nutritious Food Daily




Healthy eating is a key to maintaining energy levels, keeping your body healthy and it also helps you to keep positive. We all know the hanger (= hunger + anger) effect if you haven’t eaten enough nutritious food. In my opinion eating nutritious food in daily basis is one of the best things you can do for your body. All the nutrients will help you to stay healthy and it also keeps your hair, skin, etc. looking better.







Working out almost daily keeps me going. I love the feeling a good workout gives. Try to find out what kind of exercise you enjoy the most. For me that’s dancing, gym and walking outdoors. Try different sports and find our favorites! There are lot of choices – indoor and outdoor options, with others or alone, strength based vs flexibility vs cardio… It’s best if you can find couple of different sports you enjoy.


Any kind of exercise is good for your health and mind, anyhow, start with instruction from a professional to make sure you won’t hurt yourself. If you have any medical conditions, consult your physician before starting a new sport.



Sleep Enough




Do you know the difference in how you feel after well-slept night and not-so-well-slept? That’s exactly why sleeping is so important. Sleeping makes you more energetic and more tolerant for stress. It will also recover your body after workout or a busy day. Sleeping also enhances learning.


My target is to sleep 8-9 hours in average. If I cannot get that all during night I either sleep more next night or take an afternoon nap. What’s good amount of sleep for you? It’s the amount after which you feel energetic when you wake up. Usually that’s somewhere between 6-10 hours a night.



Friends, Family & Good Laughs




It’s important for you mental health (and actually for the physical part too) to have people around you. Laugh, have fun, share experiences, learn from others, cook together, go running with friends… Humans are meant to be social and it can give you a lot of energy to interact with others in a positive matter.


I’m very busy in my life but I try to spend most my spare time doing things with my fiancée and our lovely puppy. Additionally, I try to meet friends and family weekly. If you cannot meet everyone in real life, calling or chatting might also be nice sometimes. Because I tend to be busy all the time I try to gather people and meet them all at once to save some time and to still keep networked with them.



Improving Myself




One way to make life feel more meaningful and rewarding is to constantly keep improving yourself. Learn new skills, do a job that offers you new challenges daily and broke to routines. Feeling that you can is awesome. Improving yourself also gets you closer to your dreams which usually improves happiness as well.

Here are some more tips on improving yourself: 4+1 Ways to Improve Your Life – Improving Myself Has Kept Me Busy Lately



Relax & Enjoy




Take a long warm shower, hangout with your friends, go for a holiday. Do, whatever keeps you happy and remember to relax at least a bit everyday. Laughing is a good exercise and relaxing keeps your blood pressure normal. Those are only few of many reasons to take some time for things you love – in addition to the fact it makes you feel good and happy.



Regular Doctor’s Appointments


This is so easy to forgot but you shouldn’t! To make sure you’re doing good both in and out in addition to everything mentioned above it’s also important to remember regular screenings and vaccinations.


And don’t forget your teeth either – have doctor’s and dentist’s appointments in your calendar. In graphic below you can see some examples of how often you should have these appointments.




A wellness company Hims created this wonderful graphic above. They offer variety of men’s wellness products including haircare and skin products.






If you’re interested to read more about this topic check also my earlier posts:



What do you do to keep yourself healthy and happy?


    1. Thanks! I’ve been improving my diet and exercise habits for last two years but there is always some small things you can do better. 🙂


  1. Fantastic post and you look gorgeous dear. Thanks so much for reminder. I’m totall agreed, how important to maintain our healthy and check regularly. Hope you and you loves one always stay healthy and all the best for new year ahead.


  2. Gosh I’m terrible in everything that involves teeth! I’m dead scared of dentist so I haven’t been to one after 9th grade (except last summer when I had to go). Though, I’ve taken good care of my teeth, wisdom teeth are the ones that makes everything more awful.


    1. It’s good to get your teeth check regularly. Probably you could tell the dentist that your scared. Then he can try to help you deal with the fear. 🙂


      1. I’ve got a wisdom tooth that needs to be removed so I’ve already planned all with the private clinic, they’ll put me to sleep & well, it’s going to cost a shitload of money but thankfully I can cut the payment in smaller pieces 😀
        I’ve got so many bad memories from 1st-9th grade that I’ve avoided the visit ever since, luojan kiitos ei oo ollu koskaan mitään reikiä 😀


      2. Hahaha! Well, it’s good that you haven’t had much issues with your teeth and with those wisdom teeth it went all good. 🙂


  3. I am working so hard to get more sleep. Even now I must stop working on the blog and go to bed so I can be very effective tomorrow.


    1. Sounds good! I know it can be hard sometimes when you enjoy writing or other blogging related things but it’s worth it. The next day you’ll be well-rested and more efficient that way. 🙂


    1. Sounds wonderful! I wish I’d have time for a relaxing bubble bath more often. I’m happy you found the best way for yourself to relax and enjoy. 🙂


  4. I would have never thought of having regular doctor’s appointments as a goal. That is so genius and so important for your health. Definitely adding that to my goals.


    1. Yes, balance is very important. I think that’s something I could improve. Thank you for the comment, Elizabeth


  5. Love this post! I practice self-care as much as possible. I have made it a real focus recently. I do a boot camp, I run, I eat clean most of the time, and I take long, hot bubble baths while reading. I am still working on getting more sleep.


    1. Oh wow! You’re doing very well already! Sleeping enough can sometimes be hard but it’s great that you’re doing well in other areas you now know where you can improve. 🙂


    1. Thanks for the comment! I’m happy you enjoyed the post. It’s good that you’re doing well with most of the things listed. And now you have found those couple things the focus this year. Xx


    1. Hey there! Thank you for your comment. I’m happy to hear you enjoyed the graphic and the post in general. 😄 I’ll check out your blog, your concept sounds wonderful!


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