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Are you guys interested in the statistics on your blog? I’m always curious to learn more about my readers’ interests and how to offer even better content for you guys.

For this post, I went through my statistics of 2014-2017 and I’ll list what were my most popular posts from all that time and also, what were the most popular of the ones published during 2017. I’ll also discuss a bit why I think these specific posts are your favorites.

I hope you enjoy the post and probably you can save this link for later to find all your favorites from one place! 🙂


TOP10 Most Popular Post (All Time 2014-2017):


1. In Review: Quest Bars


This post just keeps going. I’ve written this thorough review of Quest Bar flavors at the beginning of 2015 with my friends. This is actually one of the first reviews I’ve ever written and it still keeps getting more an more likes. I think I’ve done quite a good job with SEO in this one.


2. My Hair Story: From Dark Brunette to Gorgeous Blonde / Before & After Pics & Tips 


This post is definitely something that I would have been Googling before coloring my hair. So, it’s not a surprise this has been popular. If you’re planning on bleach your hair, check this one out.


3. How Your Hair Color Affects Your Life? / Blonde vs Brunette


Another good one, if you’re planning to bleach your hair!


4. Summer Bucket List 2015 / Things I’m Going To Do Next Summer or…


If you’re planning to do your own bucket list you can for sure find some excellent ideas and tips from this post. Enjoy!


5. Wisconsin Dells (/Lake Delton)

IMG_9547 kopio

This post has been very popular over time. Every spring when people are applying to work there this post jumps to top 10. I hope this post has helped you guys.


6. In Review: Protein Chips from Quest Nutrition

7. In Review: Quest Nutrition

8. My New Breakfast Favorite: Super Delicious and Healthy Sugar-free Banana Pancakes

9. Extreme Makeover / Photoshop, Makeup, Plastic Surgery & Reality

10. How Many Exams in American University per Semester?



TOP10 Most Popular Post Published during 2017:


1. My New Breakfast Favorite: Super Delicious and Healthy Sugar-free Banana Pancakes


I think my fiancée is reading this post about every morning when we do our breakfast haha! But I assume there have also been others interested in this delicious recipe since it was the most popular post published during 2017.


2. Big Decisions about What I’ll Do with My Life


Yep, my what to do with my life crisis seemed to interest quite many. I think this was especially favorite of my friends who’ve been curious where I’m heading to. After this post I decided to carry on everything – med school, economics studies, my job and blogging. Haha, what a busy fall 2017 was!


3. Restaurant Review: Musta Lammas, Kuopio, Finland


The amount of views of this post has surprised me. I published this at the end of 2017 and it was still able to jump into top 3 of 2017. I’m happy you guys have enjoyed this review. Go visit Musta Lammas, it’s a great restaurant filled with Finnish flavors!


4. How to Book Flights for a Multi-Destination Trip Like a Honeymoon?


This one was one of my personal favorite posts of this year and I’m happy to see that you guys have enjoyed it too. Traveling is a passion to me and I love saving some money on flights to be able to use those bucks on something I enjoy more during those trips. I hope that you have found my tips helpful. I’d love to write more travel tips in future.


5. Big News: Back to School


Again, one of the favorites of people who either know me in real life or have been following this blog for a longer while. It’s nice to see that you guys enjoy reading about my life.


6. Wedding Planning Update: 10 Months to the Wedding

7. Life Update: Busy Student Life

8. Honey Moon Dreams – Where to Go for a Honeymoon?

9. Wedding Planning Timeline from 12 Months before to the Honeymoon

10. 4+1 Ways to Improve Your Life – Improving Myself Has Kept Me Busy Lately




What have been your favorite posts or topics on my blog? Do you enjoy travel, lifestyle, wellness or style posts the most? Do you have any wishes about what I should write during 2018?


  1. I like this post because all of your blogs are helpful and informative! It’s also a cool reminder to yourself looking back at the blog posts you published that did the best.


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Alysia! I’m happy to hear that you find my posts helpful. 🙂 The purpose of this blog is not only to share my life but also sheer up you guys and help you to achieve your dreams and goals.


    1. Those are far too delicious to be healthy haha! I’m happy you love them as well. Which one is your favorite flavor, Rachel?


  2. I remember some of these! Didn’t know you’ve had different hair colours too 🙂 I’d love to go blue at one point but it’s hard to go there from black, need to blonde before 😀


    1. I’ve been pretty much bouncing between dark brown and blonde (and between those there is always that yellow/orange phase haha). Blue from black sounds like a challenge that will take at least couple of weeks to achieve 🤔 It would for sure be cool thought! 😄 When I was a teen I had red and green but I’ve never tried blue.


      1. I think I’m going to need to go to thw hairdresser a few times for that one. Don’t want to ruin my hair with the lightening colours they have in grocery stores haha 😀


      2. Sounds good! I tried those drug store diy colors and I would never ever do that again. Those don’t do anything good to your hair. Professional hairdresser is a must in bigger changes! 🙂


  3. I love all of these!!! I agree with you on the photoshop pictures and the difference it all makes today. Almost every picture seems to have it now.
    The quest bars… these are my favorite protein bar. I have not tried the chips you mentioned but I think Im going to have to now.
    Your hair looks so good now!! Going blonde is def a journey and you MUST have someone who knows what they are doing. I went through it too and actually ended up frying my hair off because of it!!!


    1. Thank you for your comment, Whitney!

      You should definitely try those quest nutrition chips, they are delicious! 🙂

      I’m happy to hear you like my hair! I think it’s a lot better now than it used to be. Becoming blonde when having dark brown hair isn’t the easiest task though worth it. 🙂


    1. Those pancakes are superb. Try them if you haven’t already! 😄 Additionally, I’m happy that you enjoyed the post and thanks for the comment. 🙂


    1. It sure is! It’s interesting to see what people read and then you can try create even more interesting content based on your what you find out. 🙂 Good luck on blogging!


  4. It is like a walkthrough of your blog. I loved it!! Your hair story surprised me, you looked so different in each. You have such variety to offer!! I love restaurant reviews 😛 and also posts on improving life!!!


    1. Thank you so much, Kanishka! I’m happy you enjoyed the post. 😄 I find it very interesting to see what you guys are interested and I’m happy that you found it interesting as well. And yeah, there sure has been a big change in how I look haha. The yellow one was a very bit weird but well, it’s a couple months journey when going from dark to blonde. 😅


  5. It’s so interesting to see what posts really resonate with readers. My most popular post of all time is also product review based so it was cool to see that yours is too! As for my favorite types of posts I would say wellness, lifestyle, travel posts. In 2018 I think it would be cool to see you do a What I Eat in a Day post (just because I’m always curious read: nosy to know what other people eat) and posts about anywhere you travel to!! 🙂


    1. Thanks for your comment Beth! I think you’ll enjoy my blog this year – there will be post about foods I ate (this is coming later this month) – and I’ll also be traveling quite much so there will be more travel related posts coming! 😄 It’s always good to hear to feedback – it can help me with planning upcoming content to be even more interesting!


    1. Yes it is! Especially, when you have written for couple of years you can learn a lot about your audiences interests (and your SEO skills) from the statistics of your blog. 🙂


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