My Christmas Gifts 2017 Edition

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I love giving and receiving gifts. To be honest I’m still that little girl waiting for the Christmas Eve so that I’m allowed to open those gifts. Haha. This year I got plenty of lovely ones. Thank you for all my friends and relatives for those!


In this post I’ll share some of them with you guys. I skipped photographing all the chocolates and candies just to save some space here haha. I think in addition to everything below I got like all the chocolates I can eat in five years lol.


But now to the gifts!



My Christmas Gifts 2017 Edition


Ted Baker Earmuffs

ChristmasGifts526 kopio

I hate beanies but my ears are always cold. My fiancee decided to find a solution to that and buy me these cute Ted Baker earmuffs. They’re super fluffy and lovely, aren’t they?


A Lot of Wine

ChristmasGifts508 kopio

As you know, I love wine – and my friends seem to know that as well. The wine in front was super good (oops, it’s already gone!), the two other wines I haven’t tasted yet but they both have been on my must try list so I’m sure they will be good ones.


Oven Cooking Pot

ChristmasGifts531 kopio

A little bit of baking ware is in the gifts every year, last year I got a wok pan and this year this oven cooking pot. Believe it or not, we try to find time to cook most of our food so this will for sure be used (and we have actually already done some Karelia stew with this).


Cake Decorating Set

ChristmasGifts545 kopio

I love baking and doing cakes so this one’s a great one. Only thing that bothers me is that photo in the package – how you can have so imperfect photo in the box of decorating set haha. Well, I guess that’s fine. I can do a lot cooler cakes with the tools in this set.


Wool Socks

ChristmasGifts627 kopio

ChristmasGifts607 kopio

My mother in law made me probably the coolest wool socks ever. These are unique, beautiful and super warm.


A Confidence Key Necklace

ChristmasGifts506 kopio

One friend of mine who’s probably the most confident and successful 24-year-old woman I know gave me this piece of jewelry. I love the text and the fact this one is handmade in the USA. She knows me too well. πŸ™‚ I’m sure this will make me even more unstoppable!


Concert Tickets

ChristmasGifts521 kopio

I got two concert tickets to Finnish rapper’s concert located in Espoo, Finland. In general, I don’t like rap but I enjoy Cheek’s music a lot. One thing that’s cool is that he’s very non-Finnish style – he’s wants to do everything big and perfect and achieve all his biggest dreams. I find it really cool. Also, he’s lyrics have given me a lot of energy to keep going through the year. Another funny thing is that I was in his concert like ten years ago when he was nothing. At the moment, his super successful and it’s kind of cool to see how he has improved during these years.


Color Changing Mug

I forgot to take photo of this!

This was a funny one! I at first thought I got a black mug but when I poured some hot tea in it there was a surprise. The mug changed it’s color and there happened to be three different photos of me, my fiancee and our puppy. πŸ™‚


Some Home Made Glogg

ChristmasGifts563 kopio

DIY glogg from our friends was a big surprise. To be honest I had no clue that you could do this Scandinavian Christmas drink yourself. Well, now I know – and you know, just in case you want to copy this gift next year. πŸ™‚


Scented Candles and a Candle Holder

ChristmasGifts570 kopio

Scented candles are a lovely way to enjoy indoors when it’s the wintertime. We have also been collecting those Iittala/Marimekko candle holders for couple of years so this was a good one.


Pentik Handlotion

ChristmasGifts584 kopio

Who doesn’t need some hand lotion? Pentik does some high quality decor pieces, tableware and some cosmetics as well. It’s quite popular here in Finland. This one should be good quality and it’s also rose scented. How lovely is that!


Lexington Kitchen Towel and a Poodle Cookie Cutter

ChristmasGifts539 kopio

This was our kind of gift. I love Lexington textiles and well, we also love our poodle buddy so these will for sure be used a lot! We’ll probably but some Lexington stuff to our wedding gift list as well.


A Piece of Door Decoration

ChristmasGifts549 kopio

ChristmasGifts553 kopio

This one’s a super cute one! We have never bought any decor for our door so we’ll for sure use this next Christmas season. πŸ™‚


ChristmasGifts490 kopio

Cutest gifts of the year. It was just chocolate in but I absolutely love how beautifully it’s packed.


What did you get? Do you like giving and receiving Christmas gifts?



    1. Thanks Phaytea! I’m happy that they are very useful. I prefer not to just getting something because of having it, instead I wish I’ll get things that are useful and good quality. πŸ˜„


  1. You have got such a wonderful gifts! Christmas is such a fun time of the year πŸ˜€
    I have received a few gifts like a wallet, candy and money nothing special. Spending time with a family is most grateful gift ever for me πŸ™‚


    1. Yes spending time with loved ones is a great gift! I’m happy you got that and also some nice gifts. πŸ˜„ I used to get money when I was younger, it’s always an useful gift though not very personalized. I hope you’ll get something nice to yourself with that money. πŸ˜„


  2. You received so many lovely things!
    I got a pack of coffee, which was quite nice. That was from my mum & from J I got a Ted Baker bag.


    1. Yeah! A Ted Baker for you too that’s lovely. πŸ˜„ If you’re a coffee lover that pack of coffee sure is nice as well.


    1. Yes, wine us always a good one! And if you ever visit Finland around Christmas time you should try Glogg it’s everywhere in here then and it’s delicious!


  3. The socks your MiL handmade you are absolutely beautiful. I l love things that are made they hold so much more sentiment that things that are bought! The ear muffs however are something I really need to look into buying since the UK is turning into the Antarctica!


    1. Thank you so much, Nazrin! Those socks and earmuffs both are a must when the winter is really hitting hard here in Finland. I hope you’ll find cute muffs soon! πŸ™‚


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