Wellness Wednesday 1/5: Foods I Eat (almost) Everyday

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When planning your diet keep this rule in mind: eat healthy 80% of the time and take the rest 20% easy. Don’t stress about the cake or sparkling you have once a year. Rather focus on eating high quality food in daily basic because that’s what really matters.

In this post I’ll share what I eat 80% of my time. I hope you get inspired and also feel free to share your healthy favorites in comments! I’d love to get some tips and new things to try.

Foods I Eat (almost) Everyday

Fresh Veggies, Fruits and Berries


Fresh veggies, fruits and berries are excellent sources of vitamins, fibre and water. My goal is to eat at least one pound (500g) of these daily. That means for example half a plate salad on lunch and dinner, one apple on breakfast and some baby carrots as a snack. Smoothies are also an easy way to eat veggies. Find my delicious smoothies here.

Wholewheat Products


I love things like bread, cereal, muesli and pasta. Because I try to eat as healthy as possible I eat 90% of those whole wheat. Not much more expensive but full of fiber and vitamins and other nutrients.

Your body doesn’t really need any wheat products but if you love them as much as I do try to eat as healthy choices of them as possible. Especially, if you eat much these make sure they are better choices.

High-Quality Protein


Chicken, beef, low-fat pork and egg whites are things I love to eat. Those are especially yummy when cooked or served with plenty of veggies and spiced well. Sometimes I also eat seafood and fish to get some high quality protein. I also use those egg whites for my morning pancakes – low price, high in protein and fast to cook, perfect!

I try to add some plant-based protein to my diet too. Usually like 1-2 days a week I eat things like soy. It’s great that my university offers a vegetarian option every day so it’s made very easy to choose eating healthy.

Nuts and Seeds


In addition to high quality protein and carbs it’s important to get some high quality fatty acids too. For me this means eating nuts and seeds almost daily – around one handful a day is good amount for me. I add those nuts and seed to my salads and smoothies, my mueslis also have some in them. Another good source of fatty acids for me is salmon. If you’re vegetarian avocados are a good source as well. In general, prefer fat from fish and plants.

Skim Milk Products


I love dairy products and eat them almost daily. For me, this mean skim (= low fat) dairy products like milk and natural yoghurt. Those are good sources of calcium and vitamin D. Milk fat isn’t the healthiest one so if you can, choose the ones that are low fat if you eat dairy products often.



What do you eat in daily basic to keep yourself healthy? Is there something you’d add, change or remove from my list?


  1. Now I’m hungry! This is pretty much how I eat on a daily basis as well but I try not to eat dairy as it gives me stomach and headaches (sometimes some ice cream sneaks in that 20% tho lol).


    1. Sounds excellent! It’s important to listen to your body and not to eat things that make you feel sick. Ice cream sure is delicious, especially when it’s the summertime!


    1. Thank for the comment! 🙂 It’s fine to eat those yummy fat foods sometimes but eating them in daily basis would not probably be very good for you. I love eating things like burgers sometimes but when it’s not the basis of your diet you should be just fine. 🙂


  2. mmmmh looking all good! I love to add pineapple-ginger-shots to my daily food routine to stay healthy, feel energized and to boost my metabolism 🙂


  3. I do some dairy and nuts. And I do try to eat the fruits and veggies. I have seen those smoothie bowls which always seem interesting to me. But I don’t know enough about how to make them. I will try one out soon. i’m sure I can find stuff online.


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