Beauty at the Beach Polyvore OOTD

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Oh wow, it’s already July! July is the best month for hanging out in the beach or poolside and getting tanned – at least in the northern half of the earth. Today’s look is a good one for getting to the beach and getting that gorgeous tan. I hope you enjoy!


If you love looking cute at the beach this look is totally for you. There are a swimsuit and sandals with trendy bohemian looks. To make this outfit rather cute than too much Hawaiian hippie I added a super lovely pink skirt, pinkish nude lipstick, super pretty iPhone cover with a rose gold iPhone 7. And nude sunglasses.

And well, to make the college even cuter there is some iced tea and coconuts. Haha. 🙂

Ps. I know that this is like the third Polyvore outfit in a short while. I love doing this but I’d love to hear your opinion. Are these inspiring? Or would you rather see only outfits wore by me? Thanks. 🙂


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