USA Theme Outfit with Polyvore

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It’s been a while since I shared the last Polyvore outfit here with you guys. Today’s look is simple and gorgeous look for 4th July celebrations. Celebrating Indepence Day is mostly about fireworks, barbeques and good company so you don’t want to stress too much about the look, you probably just want to have fun.


Core of fourth of July looks definitely is red, blue and white and stars and stripes, right? Well, this outfit is combining all of those elements. If you want to keep it cool and stylish don’t wear stars and stripes from head to toe but use those colors though to make sure people know that your look is built to celebrate the US.


And just in case, if you didn’t know 4th of July is the Indepence Day of the United States. 🙂




The look I build with Polyvore is quite easy to copy – you just need blue jeans, white shirt with either stars or stripes, red nail polish and red lips. And if you want it more patriotic just add a white-blue-red cover for your phone and some US flag jewellery like those earrings. I also added Apple Watch to this look but anything that fits the colors would work as well.

What are you wearing for the 4th of July?

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