Top 10 Reasons to Love Summer

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Do you wonder why people love summer so much? What’s so special in the summertime? What to do during the summer? In this post you’ll learn the 10 best things to do during the summer – simultaneously those are 10 ultimate reasons to love summertime. Enjoy!




1. Sunny & Warm Weather


Who could resist those sunny days and getting some tan? It’s superb not to wear 10 layers of clothes just to survive!




2. Fashion


Try all the different shapes of sunglasses and try those colorful looks. Wear some more white and lace. Make it light and beautiful.



3. Happy People


The sun for sure makes us happier. And the best thing: it’s not only, it’s everybody around you. Getting better service and some extra smiles is always great, right?



4. Vacation Time!


For most of us, summer means either vacation from work or studies which are great and fun. If you’re a student you might spend the summer working but look at the bright side – you can explore something different with your vacation time!




5. All the Fresh Berries and Fruits


Yummy! Did you say eating healthy food cannot be fun or delish? Well, it sure can when it’s summer and all those sweet berries and fruits come to stores for you to enjoy!



6. All the Light


No more driving home in the darkness or waking up in a black box called bedroom. Now it’s time to enjoy the natural light all day long, yeah!



7. Outdoor Sports


Sure you can do outdoor sports around the year but choosing between beach volley and roller coasting by the sea under the sun and cross-country skiing or jogging in minus degrees shouldn’t really be a hard choice to do.




8. Meeting People by the Pool or Beach


Imagine that green water, slight scent of sunscreen and those deckchairs. Just laying there with some good company without hurrying. Could there be anything better? And don’t try to tell that being indoors when it’s snowing outside would be better way to spend time. Explore the poolside first and I’ll prove you wrong!



9. Trying New Drink Recipes


Raspberry soda? Pina Coladas? Mojitos? Flavored water? Smoothies? You name it! Summer is a perfect time to try all those new drinks, enjoy!




10. All the Events


This is my absolute favorite. In Finland, we have things like Taste of Helsinki outdoor food festival and samba carnival going during summer. In the US there was huge 4th of July celebrations. I’m sure every country has its own way to celebrate. And if yours doesn’t throw out some own parties and rock the summer that way!



Why do you love summer? What are your favorite summertime activities?

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