Happy Easter Everyone!

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It’s Easter again. Let’s relax, meet family and friends and enjoy all the food. For me Easter means beginning of the spring and reminds me of upcoming summer. Do you love it too when the sun comes up more early and sets later?

Tonight we’ll be eating well and celebrating Easter with our traditional Easter dinner with my relatives and friends. It’s so nice to meet everyone there! The fact that Easter gives us some extra days off is also nice. I’m having tomorrow and next Monday off – which means plenty of time for blogging and photographing, yeah!

HappyEasterEggsRoses1061 kopio

There will also be less traditional celebration coming tomorrow when we have a B-Day party of one good friend of us. 🙂

When I was little Easter was more about hiding and finding chocolate eggs and decorating the home. This year I won’t be eating those eggs but I though bough some to take nice photos and give those to smaller people who sure enjoy them more than us adults. It was so cool to eat unlimited chocolates without worrying of all the calories and sugar they include. Haha.


What you will do during Easter? Do you have some traditions you follow every Easter?


  1. Heheh for us Easter is another public holiday…so we use it to get out and about our little red dot. Like you, except one more day to take pictures of the places we explore, instagram it, blog about it etc…lol

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  2. Every Easter we usually travel out of town or abroad. It’s my first easter to stay at home. I have to admit it was a first but it’s relaxing. How I wish though to be able to try looking for chocolate eggs. Anyway, happy easter to you 🙂

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