April Wrap Up & Goals for May

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April is a great month in northern half of the globe because it means beginning of the summer season (or well, it’s warm every second day and snowing the rest but believe, summertime is just around the corner!). For me, it has been a month of a good amount of blog posts and photography. I’ve also been able to do some blog collabs and worked a lot with my smoothie book project.



April Wrap Up


After the makeover, I did on this blog at the beginning of March I’ve been constant in posting 3-5 times a week. Actually, I’ve posted exactly every second day during this month. I’ll keep the 3-5 times a week in future too, I think it’s good amount of posts so that I can do good quality.


Because of my new camera and getting my photos to Shutterstock I’ve got plenty of motivation to improve my blog photos. I think I’ve had the best month in many ways.


I found an app called Planoly which helps me to plan my Instagram. In Planoly you can plan the order of your posts. It’s completely free for one user if you download up to 30 photos to the app. I’m in love!


Additionally, my fiancé got a new job this month which is great in many terms. One great thing here is that he got a new phone from work so I got my old iPhone 6+ 128Gb back. My current phone is running out of storage because of my social and photos all the time so it’s great to get a lot more space! 🙂




In April I did 15 posts in total (including this one) from Newest to Oldest:


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Blogging & Some Goals for May


– Get at least 4 new collabs with bloggers or companies

– Keep posting 3-5 times weekly

– Stay active in Ig and use Planoly to improve it

– Keep focusing on photography

– Be more active with blog’s Fb

– Comment others’ socials daily

– Start planning  blog post series for fall/winter season

– Do more videos and learn how to make them excellent






I’ve shot all the photos of this post during March and April. I wanted to share them to remind you guys that summer is really coming. Yeah! 🙂



How was your April? What are your goals for May?


    1. Thanks. And yeah I know! I was picking up my fiancée from one party midnight last night and the thermometer of our car told it was -1°C and the streets were covered with snow. And tomorrow is May. Wft, really? 😀


  1. Happy May Nora! Congratulations on all your achievements! Well done! And good luck with your new goals!
    Thank you very much for the nomination for ”the one lovely blog” Much appreciated. I have my post in the drafts ready to post today or tomorrow. xo xo Helene.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Excellent! I’m happy to help. Planoly makes planning very fun and easy and it has helped me to make my Instagram look a whole lot of more polished and beautiful. I hope you enjoy it! 🙂


    1. April went super fast for me too. It’s fun to look back like wow, when I did all those things and posts? Haha! Have a happy May and I’m sure you can get some gorgeous baby collabs Sabine! 🙂


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