New Clothes, Planner & Technology for Spring / Summer 2017

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Today I’ll show some items I’ve got for myself lately. After Christmas you might want to save some money but it’s still good to get something nice for yourself.

Getting something new to your look often makes you feel more happy to yourself and your look. You just have to smile and when you wear perfectly fitting new pair of jeans or new lipstick that’s super trendy, right?


I found cool pair of treggins from Zara. These look amazing because they fit perfectly and the patent leather looking stripe makes them interesting. These also fit perfectly and they should have some kind of butt lifting effect. I don’t know about that but they sure look great!


As you might have seen turtlenecks are in right now. I’ve wanted to get my own for a while. Zara has brought some gorgeous turtlenecks to their spring collection. There are plenty of different colors and couple of different models. You should definitely check them out if you’re looking for a valuably prized (20€) turtleneck!



I fell completely in love with this turtleneck from Zara. It’s super soft and comfy! The salesperson told that the material is also very long lasting which is obviously an excellent thing. I bought two pieces of these in this beautiful light beige color. Light colors are so spring and they always make me feel better and more cheerful than dark ones.



This turtleneck model has little golden buttons and slit at its sleeves. It’s fun to have some details in this kind of classy items. Those make the item and the outfit more interesting. In outfit above I’m wearing new Zara treggings and turtleneck with Vagabond boots and Prada sunglasses.




For a while I’ve been thinking of getting a notebook which I could use for blog planning. It’s good to have your goals written down and also write action steps you’re going to reach, remember to schedule those goals and steps! The planner I got is from a grocery store but I love it because you can change its cover and do new covers yourself. 🙂



Braun Multiquick 7 Cordless Hand Processor (model MR 740cc) is something that allows you to make smoothies without electricity. How handy? You’re now more having annoying cords around and you can do your smoothies in the kitchen like usually or you can go wild and do them in your balcony or at the poolside!



I also got something quite huge and crazy lately: Canon EOS 6D + Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens. My dad bought me Christmas present in let’s say slightly late. Haha. I’ve been wanting this camera for over an year now. My old one was Canon EOS550D. This one has full frame sensor which is super. Still the camera is quite light with Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens.

It’s also very luxurious that this camera has gps and wifi. It’s perfect choice for a traveling blogger! Your camera tells the exact coordinates where the photos are taken. You can also use your phone as a remote if you’re taking photos of yourself for the blog. Yeah!

I cannot wait to show you some examples of photos taken with this new camera! 🙂

Have you shopped something lately?


    1. Yeah I know that issue! At the moment my apartment has plenty of sockets but when I was studying it was a huge issue in my apartment back then. I think it had like two sockets in entire kitchen. Thanks for your comment Carlota and welcome back! 🙂


  1. So many wonderful things! I absolutely fell in love with those sleeves in that turtleneck knit 🙂 so pretty!
    I haven’t been shopping much lately, I’m waiting until I can pop this baby out & get rid of the extra kilos I’ve gained & then I’m going to start selling my old clothes so I can replace them with new ones 😀 I can’t buy anything before I’ve sold something old.. 😀

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  2. I so much like your new goodies, but i stuck in the last one, the camera. I am saving to buy a Canon too, i hope in two months it will get in my hands! Great shoot!

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    1. At the moment I’m working with a post about this seasons trends and couple other cool things. After I’m done with those I’ll be clad to help you and write a post about the must-have treggins at the moment. Thank you for the idea! 🙂


  3. The pants look good on you and your photoshoot backdrop (the snow) is something I dearly miss. We have the Braun Multiquick Hand Processor as well and it works like a charm. I love that it can process almonds that I put in risalamande. I should probably take it out the storage again and use it in my meal preps. Thanks for unconsciously sending me the reminder. Hehe!

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    1. Thanks! I think it was fun to shoot some photos outdoors when it was so sunny and beautiful there. 🙂 I’m clad I reminded you of your hand processor. It’s really good to make smoothies and smoothie bowls! I haven’t yet tried to do other things but I sure will and then I’ll review it here in the blog! 🙂


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