What Should I Do With My Life?

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This is a question I’ve been asking myself like a million times during last two years. I’m a super creative person who loves money and everything it offers to my life. I also love writing, photography, hosting events and that kind of stuff.


At the moment I’m doing two degrees, Medicine and Bachelor of Marketing & Management, and have two jobs both in area of premium retail for two different US brands. And of course in addition I’m working with my blog, exercising and writing a book. That’s quite a lot of things to do simultaneously for one person. Problem is that I more or less like all things I do and I’m good in all of them. However in a long run I think it could be wiser to concentrate on 1-3 of them. 


Actually only things that I’m sure about what I want are: I want to move back to the United States and I want to be able to travel before and after that. I want to get a good salary and a nice house. And I’d like to do long hours with something I really enjoy.


The problem is that to be honest I’m more passionate to social media, brands and marketing than medicine. However I’m also passionate to some specific medical specialties like plastic surgery, area which is creative and which would easily offer me hundreds of thousands a year. However before that I should study 3.5 years more here in Finland, then shine in USMLE exams to get licensed to the US and then I should start specializing which basically means 50-70 hours a week of medical training. Then I should leave most of the other things and concentrate on that for plenty of years. I could graduate to plastic surgeon around 2030.


But if I choose economics, blogging and writing I would graduate in two years and then I could move abroad straight away. However this path might offer me significantly less money. Yes, you can get like 100-200k$ a year if you’re, let’s say marketing manager, but as a surgeon you’ll automatically earn double or more. I would be so happy if social media related job and writing could offer me a good income. It’s though very unsure and unstable field. There are millions of bloggers and most of them don’t make even hundreds a month by writing. There are too many people studying marketing. And the jobs in field of business can partly be automated in future.


I would not like to kill myself with all that studying med requires but will I regret if I quit the school and in ten years I realize that being creative isn’t paying me my dream house? Uncertainty is the challenge when thinking that more creative option even thought it’s my passion.


What would you do?


Would you do medicine that’s just fine and super well-payed? Or would you follow your heart to economics and some with the risk of uncertainty and possibly lower income?


  1. So many questions eh? The truth is that you probably already know deep down what makes you happiest. Forget the salary and the big house and concentrate on what you most enjoy. You have to work for a long time and there’s nothing worse than having a job you don’t enjoy even if you’re in a super posh house. We have absolutely nothing, no house, no jobs, no possessions, just each other and we’ve never been happier.

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    1. That’s a really good point Jonno! Maybe I should concentrate more on finding my passion and creating my career around it than worrying about money. I’ve read your blog for a while and you guys really seem to enjoy your life, I’m happy for you!

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  2. Oh my goodness, you’ve got so much going on at the moment!
    I’ve always followed my dreams, so I can basically recommend you to do the same. Yeah, career in medicine pays out well – but then again, if you’re able to find something that makes you happy from the marketing, I can’t see why you couldn’t work hard and earn as much from that as you would earn from medicine. Then again, it’s a tricky question. 😀

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    1. Thanks Jasmin! I’m just sometimes worried if there is enough jobs in area of marketing but yes, it would be a dream come true to be able to success there. Still I tend to think what if I want back to med school one day? It’s was a hard work to get there but it’s actually my dad’s dream that I’d be a physician, not mine. Thanks for your thoughts! 🙂


  3. Shame really difficult decision! It won’t come overnight that’s for sure. I had a similar decision-making problem: After High School I was interested to study something in the social/therpeutic field. Unfortunately the jobs there are poorly paid. My biggest passions are horse-riding and travelling. So I decided to study a compromise: I study project management now which is also an “unsure” but very broad field with lots of different aspects and the chances that I get paid more than in the social field are high. I decided to study what possibly brings me more money that I can afford and do the things I know that fullfill me in my free time 🙂 Haha, still more than a year to study, so I’ll see if it pays off 😛 Many greetings & good luck with your decision it is indeed one of the most difficult ones!

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  4. It’s important to be happy in what you do and excel at what you love! Other things will fall into place. Even as a marketing professional, you can achieve a big house, lots of travel and a luxurious life. Who’s stopping you from living your dream!

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  5. Do what you love and excel at what you do. If you dream and work right, there is nothing you can’t achieve, even as a marketing professional! I know so many people who don’t have big jobs and big houses but are travelling the world and leading such happy lives. All the best to you !

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  6. I was always a follow your heart person and i never regretted so far. Have you ever heard that even a heart has its own logic? In the end i follow my heart which gives the reason to my actions.


  7. DA—you could always start the medicine path and find out if you like it. You could still do a bit of writing on the side—it could almost be therapy for you after your hard studying. Maybe you will find out you like the medicine field more, or less than you originally thought.

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    1. Thanks for your comment. 🙂 I would kind of love to combine medicine, economics and creativity but the thing is that each of them takes quite a lot of time to do well. Right now I’m doing little bit of everything but if I carry on medical studies will take a huge amount of time. I really have to think about this.

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  8. You have to ask yourself what would not feel too much like work when you are doing it and if you picture yourself doing it everyday. At the end of the its what will make you happy. Good luck!


  9. You’re a multi-hyphenate as well. I am currently pursuing another degree even though I finished my college degree. Also, I’m into blogging and doing some freelance work with calligraphy. It’s hard to juggle things. But I suggest you really sit on it and decide on your own on what your heart says. Don’t rush things.

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    1. Wow! You too have plenty of things to do. I think doing all things I love is sometimes fun and cool but it can be really stressful too. For example yesterday I worked in job 1 from 8am to 1pm and then I went to another job until 9pm. And after that I did all my blogging stuff. I’ll let you guys know which one(s) I decide to concentrate in future when I have done some decisions! 🙂

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  10. Oooh… i can relate with you. I was at my crossroads back then. I had two double degrees which is AB International Studies Majoring in European Studies and BS Legal Management. I wanted to be an international lawyer but then it would take me more years before I graduate. So I proceeded to working a marketing officer for an international trading company. I’m enjoying my work there, the pay is quite high, and I have job security.

    However, like you I’m more passionate about blogging and social media, so what I did was to leave my corporate job to pursue blogging full time. True, the earning is much smaller for now. But since I’m focusing on this, I have time freedom (which is more important for me) and I’m happier. With the time that I have, I could promote our blog more through events. I also do part-time business so the money I’m earning could now rival my corporate salary. I’m also taking a few classes on digital marketing so we can charge higher with our blog.

    I’m just telling my story. My great advice for you will be for you to dig deep and think about what will make you happy the most. We shine the best when we follow our passion.

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    1. Thanks for your story and thoughts! I’m so happy that you have found out what you enjoy the most and you’re even making a good money with it. Congrats! 🙂 It must have been a hard decision to leave your job and start blogging full time. I hope I’ll be as successful with things that I really love one day.


  11. You are caught in a dilemma. Not an easy question to answer, but I do think it is only you who can answer it. Listen to your heart but don’t forget to include your mind as well. What the heart desires is powerful. If you do not follow your dreams, it will keep on haunting you.

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    1. Yes that’s my fear – that I find myself doing something that I don’t enjoy. Especially when the training and everything might take years I really want to be sure that I enjoy what I’m doing in long run.


  12. Jätän kommentin suomeksi koska oma englantini ei riitä :). Jos lääkis tuntuu tällä hetkellä ihan kivalta, mutta muut asiat kivoimmilta niin tekisin niitä muita asioita. Lääkikseen voi aina palata, eli mitään ovea et sulje kokonaan. Meidän luokalla on paljon 30-40 vuotiaita jotka ovat halunneet tehdä hetken muita unelmiaan.

    Kuten itse sanot, jos voit haaveilla siitä niin voit saavuttaa sen. Eli keskity nyt siihen mitä haluat enemmän (USA, kauppis ja blogi/some). Jos plastiikkakirurgia on se mitä haluat niin sinne pääset kun niin päätät. Markkinoinnilla tienaa, mutta itsensä loppuun polttaminen opiskellen lääketiedettä puolella innolla ei ole rahakasta. Kelan sairaslomakorvaukset on pieniä summia ;).

    Odotan innolla että saan lukea lisää siitä kuinka saavutat unelmiasi. Yksi kerrallaan ❤

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    1. Ihana kommentti, kiitos! Saa jatkossakin kommentoida suomella tai enkulla fiiliksen mukaan, mulle molemmat on yhtä helppoja. 🙂

      Mä oon miettinyt että todennäköisesti haen kauppiksen pääaineeseen siirtoa tänä keväänä. Kauppis on kyllä siitä ihana, että sen lisäksi, että se kiinnostaa, se mahdollistaa kutakuinkin kaiken tekemisen etänä omien aikataulujen mukaan. Eli kauppiksen voisi järkevästi yhdistää töihin, someen ja jopa ulkomailla asumiseen.

      Ja onhan se tavallaan hölmöä tuhlata aikaa ja energiaa yrittämällä oppia jotain, mikä ei oikeasti kiinnosta. Ja kai sitä takaisinkin pääsee, jos joskus haluaa. 🙂

      Tsemppiä opintoihisi ja unelmiisi! ❤


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