How I Did on March Exercise Challenge?

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This post includes complete information how I did on my exercises, active calories and diet goals for March. Read the original post about my March Exercise Challenge from HERE (click).



My exercises: 9 days no exercise, 1 day to workouts, 21 days one workout. I did outdoor walking, gym and dancing; in addition I tried some functional training exercises at the gym.

My goal was 22 exercises during March and that’s exactly what I did. I was planned to do gym, badminton, group fitness and dance. I only did two of those but I did different kind of exercises in gym though. It’s sometimes really hard to include different kind of sports to a week when you work around 50 hours and have other things to do too.



– 19 days less than 470 calories, 12 days 470 or more

– Active calories daily during March:

475, 657, 529, 433, 499, 523

618, 367, 377, 503, 401, 303, 351

675, 520, 483, 365, 352, 510, 436

326, 395, 453, 345, 535, 421, 414

356, 383, 282, 382

= 13.669 calories in total, which makes my daily average 441 calories. That’s not (in my opinion) too bad even thought I didn’t quite reach my goal as many days as I was planned to.


  1. DIET

I also had goals for my diet. What comes to drinking more water I did great, also avoiding bread and other carbs went okay I ate bread 5 times during March and rise once. I planned to eat desserts and drink alcohol only on my birthday and earlier scheduled wine tasting, however I had to add one more “unhealthy” day in these aspects because of Easter Dinner we had with my boyfriends family and relatives.

After all I’m quite happy with my result even thought I could have done a bit more and reach all the goals. Anyhow I lost couple pounds and felt more energetic, happier and healthier. I will carry on with this kind of goals but I’ll maybe a bit less strict. This kind of challenge was a good way to test own limits to saying no to things that are not good for you and to do more healthy things. Irrespective of the fact that the month was quite hard mentally and physically I can recommend testing your limits for one month. 🙂




One of my best founds was super fresh and healthy green smoothies with an extra shot of protein powder – sold right next to my workplace, yummy! ❤

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