Technology Shopping

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During the last couple months I’ve bought couple technology related things:


  1. Apple Mighty Mouse

– I use a lot of Photoshop, etc and I think it’s a bit easier and more ergonomic to do it with a mouse. At first I thought I’ll take Magic Mouse 2 but then I realized I cannot use it with my superlong nails (haha!) so I ended up to this one.


  1. New Laptop Bag for My Mac

– I have (fortunately!) lost my horribly ugly old yellowish laptop bag so had to buy new one. The one I chose is made of neonpreme and it’s otherwise black but the inner part is bright red. I love these colors, stylish but has kind of girly twist.


  1. New Transparent iPhone 6S Plus Cover

– My workpants always make my covers black so I have to change these in every couple months. I love that my iPhone’s golden color is able to show through this cover. I also love how thin this cover is. My phone is perfectly huge but I wouldn’t want it to be any bigger.

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