Wedding Weekend

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Last weekend I was in Kerkkoo, Finland enjoying a very beautiful weddings. Everything was finished and smooth. The atmosphere was very warm and full of love. I’ve never been a wedding fan but I really enjoyed last Saturday a lot. It had been a while since the last time I was a wedding guest.


The couple and all the guests looked awesome but I don’t want to share anyones photos without a permission so I’m just gonna share a photo of me and my boyfriend (Haha or maybe it’s because we looked so superb together 😀 ).


As you might know I love good food and taking food photos (fun fact: I used to write Finnish food & baking blog for 5 years between 2008 and 2013). The food wasn’t super but it was good – however the cakes were great. … Actually they were too great because I ate my pieces before taking any pics haha.


The entire wedding day took all Saturday. We left Espoo around noon and went to a church for a ceremony. After that was plenty of fun programs, speeches, music, photos and a lot of food. I think we left back at some point after midnight. I was all day in my perfectly sexy red heels. They are super comfortable but after more than 12 hours in them I felt blessed when I got to take them off my feet at car.

Ps. Find out more about my outfit from my previous post (CLICK HERE)

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