Saturday of shopping in Helsinki

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This week I had Friday morning and entire Saturday off. As you might have seen in Instagram I went shopping to find a perfect outfit for next weekend when I’ll be a wedding guest. I love to be social and meet new people but the most I love finding the perfect look. 🙂

All day shopping is usually how I found what I want. This time it was pretty hard to find perfect dress because all the stores had gotten fall collections that basically had only black, white and grey dresses. In weddings you never want to wear white because your dress would compete with the bride. On the other hand black is not too good choice because it’s more for funerals. And I find grey a bit boring.

After trying plenty of dresses on I found this pretty, casual but stylish thunder blue Gant dress with white dots from Stockmann Itis. I wasn’t looking anything with sleeves but I think this is actually good for fall weddings. After finding the perfect dress I consulted my beautiful and sweet colleague about the best accessories for this. She suggested me wearing red heels with similar red lipstick and pearl earrings. What a great idea I though and went back to Stockmann to shop red Hölg heels.

After finding that awesomely hot pair of shoes I asked to salesperson’s opinion about lipstick and a clutch. She recommended me Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) Rouge Pur Couture lipstick tone 50. It looks gorgeous with a little bit tanned skin and my blonde hair. In Stockmann they had plenty of nice bags but none in perfect red tone for my outfit.

I found one small bag with right tone from a tiny bag store located in Kamppi shopping centrum in downtown Helsinki. Now I only need to update my nails and maybe buy some jewels to finish my look before next weekend. 🙂

What did these cost?
– Gant dress 149€ (without Stockmann card 169€)
– Högl shoes 169€
– leather clutch/wallet 39,95€
– YSL lipstick 39€

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