Last Couple Days (almost) in Photos

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During this week I haven’t been doing super long hours. On Tuesday my shift ended around 3pm and yesterday before 6pm. So I have had plenty of time to do things. 🙂 Also today and tomorrow my shifts will end before 6pm so I have time go pole dancing and do other fun things.


Even though I haven’t been too busy I started my Tuesday with breakfast on go – Starbucks Discoveries coffee (that one is not as good as Mocca but the store was sold out of it) and a sandwich.


My working day wasn’t too busy so I had plenty of time to make our shelfs look better and fix some small things. After work I went to downtown Helsinki for one business event that lasted about 3 hours – so before that I grapped a vanilla latte from Robert’s to make sure that I’ll be awake in that event.


From there we went to a restaurant called Stefan’s Steak House because my colleague had recommended it to me earlier. I think I’ll write a separate review of them later. In a nutshell it had really nice in decoration and service, the food was good but not outstanding.


Wednesday included work, Ikea shopping and Chinese food. I went to Ikea to find something in what I could keep my laundry but I ended up buying couple Phaleanopsis Orchids instead. 🙂 I love those cuties and I hope I can keep them flowering.


The restaurant for Wednesday’s dinner was Chinese Restaurant Long Wall in downtown Helsinki. There will be a review of that in some point. This was my second time there and I can already tell that their foods are very different – for okay to superb. I can recommend you trying special menu for 1 – it has great soup, 4 tasty foods and dessert. 🙂


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