IPhone 6 Plus Review

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Size comparison iPhone 4S vs iPhone 6 Plus

I got my new iPhone about a week ago. It’s the most expensive phone I’ve ever had and at first I wasn’t sure if it’s worth it. Now I can say that it definitely is. The best phone ever. Below I’m telling you why this phone is so great and how it makes your life better (based on my experiences during a week with my new phone)!


Photo of me with iPhone 6 Plus (not edited)

Why iPhone 6 Plus?

– Huge 5,5″ screen makes using social media such as youtube and blog really awesome experience

– With it’s two good cameras you can take photos and selfies to share – back camera work well in dark too, you can additionally take full hd videos with this phone

– Good quality of speakers compered to many other brands

– The battery last longer than in other iPhone models

– Touch ID makes shopping easy and secures all the information in your phone

– It works about everywhere you go in the world

– It has great processor – the phone is fast and works smoothly even if you have plenty of apps on

– You don’t have to type to type – you can speak instead! You can ask questions from Siri and use your voice to type in many apps (makes blogging a lot faster and easier!)


Photo of me with iPhone 6 Plus

Why 128Gb?

– You can upload as many apps and data in them as you which

– You don’t have to delete photos, notes or anything when your busy

– You can upload plenty of music, videos and other fun things for long flights, etc

– You don’t have to worry of lack of space while updating your iOS

– You might not need as much iCloud storage (of course it’s a good idea to backup all the information there but if you want to held everything only in the phone it’s easier with more internal memory)


Selfie of me with iPhone 6 Plus (not edited)

Why Gold?

– Because it’s as cool, stylish and hot as you are! 😀


With your new iPhone you will get charger with USB cable and Apple’s in-ear headphones

Ps. Yes, it fits into my pocket and handbags 🙂

Pps. Yes, you can talk to it without headset and hey, you’re anyway using more social media than calling so it’s actually practical to have a big phone 😉

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