July Nails – Pink, Sharp & Long

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I fell in love with acrylic nails in States. I have already had them in multiple colors, lengths and shapes. Nowadays I love them long and sharp. I used to have french mani when I had more natural nail shape. It looks good with natural shaped ones whereas with sharp ones I honestly don’t find it too attractive. Thus I have preferred unicolored ones. These are my nails at the moment:



I’ve been thinking some nail painting, diamonds or something more unique but will see what I decide to do next. I love this color but on the other hand I would like to try different nails every time. 😀

What kind of nails you find most beautiful?


    1. Hey Christina and thanks for your comment! To be honest I find it easier to pick things up with my pointy nails. Especially with long nails I find the pointy shape the most practical. If you love pointy shape, maybe you should give it a change? 🙂

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