How Your Hair Color Affects Your Life? / Blonde vs Brunette

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As you might know I’ve had multiple hair colors during my life. However I’ve been brunette most of my life. I turned blonde for the first time when I was 11, next time was in the age of 19 and the last one was couple months ago. On two first times I didn’t use professional hairdressers and I never had perfect blonde tone so I used turned back brunette in couple months. The one I have now is really natural and beautiful – and I’m going to have my hair blonde for well, at least couple of years. I prefer myself blonde for multiple reasons.

Last time I changed my blonde hair back to dark for a job interview because I thought that I wouldn’t have got that job with blonde hair. I got the job as a brunette – I think it wasn’t because of the hair (only) but since then I’ve been interested in assumptions people do based on my hair color. It’s also interesting to see how differently people act with me when I’m blonde versus when I’m brunette.


Brunette, December 2014

– People assumed me to be more intelligent and were not surprised when I told what I study for example

– People assumed me to be more independent and were less likely to offer help without me asking

– It was easier to be just nobody / part of the mass of people (not everybody noticed me even thought I look pretty good as a brunette too)

– I got less attention in general (in good and bad way), particularly from guys.


Blonde, May 2015

– People tend to think I have less brains – everyone is positively surprised when I tell them I’m studying in university and tell them what I study

People are more willing to help me

– I get more positive feedback of my outfit from random people

– I get more attention wherever I go

Guys are more likely to flirt with me – and flirt back if I flirt with them

In my case I have to admit that I’ve faced stereotypical assumptions – now people assume me party more, study less and have more fun. I think that people also find me more attractive now (it might also be partly because I find myself more attractive now). I also get a lot more attention in work and during my spare time. I love to meet new people and get noticed so I love this.

Someone else might not like how people assume herself brainless party girl but actually it’s fun. I love the feeling when I totally surprise people with my knowledge and vice thoughts. Irrespective of my hair color I’m still the same – the girl with a big heart, the girl who studies in university and achieves a lot wherever she goes. I’m still working for the same company into which they hired me with my brunette hair. I’m doing great job and everybody there knows I’m professional in what I do. Sometimes (male) customers try to test me – and always they have to admit that I’m not there to look good but to sale and serve great. I love the feeling when I see a customer assuming something else and I can prove them wrong – the best thing is when they tell it to me.

For example couple weeks ago I had older male customer who watched me from head to toe and looked like he’s going to walk away because he wants “real professional”, however he started to ask me questions. He did not believe anything I told him, he wanted me to show all the same information from the internet for first like ten to twenty questions he made. When I had answered all correct I saw how he realized he did wrong assumptions. After all we bought me great products that for sure fit for him. He gave me a handshake and apologized his behavior. Finally he told me that he’s going to ask me to serve him next time too. When I was brunette customers assumed more and I wasn’t able to surprised them as much.

Ps. Most customers are really nice and not every person thinks I’m brainless party girl but I just have noticed there is a significant difference in the way people act around me now and earlier. 🙂

Do you have similar or opposite experiences? Or what you assume when you see a brunette versus a blonde?


  1. Interesting piece. I changed my hair from brunette to platinum blonde a couple of months back. A member of my management team actually told me my hair was better before, “I’m just saying, we hired a brunette”.


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