Visual Puns for Photography Class Part 2/2

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In my photography class we had assignment to do “visual puns” that means making picture of some word or commonly used sentence – how would it look literally. For example “a fruit fly” could be fruit that has fly’s wings and eyes. We had to return only one of these but I found this assignment so fun that I made two. 🙂 I think these are pretty obvious but I added answer at the bottom of the post though.


This is the one I returned for this assignment. Again I have used layers of Photoshop. I have also removed green from photo of the rose and varied the shape and size of roses. The background is made by doing customized brush from the picture of rose. When you change your brush settings you can make it do multiple sizes, colors, etc at the same time. Doing this was really fun and I’m pretty happy with the outcome. Doing this took like 1.5 hours. However the hardest part was finding big and good enough photos (we have to print our assignments to 8.5 x 11 inch paper with print quality i.e. 300dpi).

Answer: rose wine

Photo of rose from here.

Photo of wine class from here.

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