How is My Life at the Moment? November 2019 Edition

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It’s been like forever since I last posted here and I bet you’ve been wondering how are things at the moment. So, first of all things are going great and I’ve been missing you guys and blogging more than you know. I just have wanting to have cut down the time I use in some social medias a little bit.


How My Life Looks at the Moment?




1. Studies


As you guys might know from previous posts I’m on a study leave from my tech work so I’m basically doing as much studies as I can. I started my study leave at the beginning of this year and it will last around two years in total.


I’ve finally done so good in my med studies that I do not have anything undone from previous years or this one (yeah!). I was working so hard on many things last couple years that doing everything on time was just impossible. It feels good to finally be the ”nerd girl” again. I love being the one who does homework two weeks in prior and starts reading to exams early haha.




And btw, I also finally officially got into another university level degree program which is global management program taught in English in one university of applied sciences here in Finland. I have already done like almost 150 credits of business as a minor / open studies in university and now I can finally get a degree too. I probably will honestly do like zero courses to that school I got in and just carry on doing open university studies since those can all be included to my studies.


I think I will actively studying until like 2020 or early 2021 and then I should be graduating from both medicine and business, which feels kind of unreal but also really awesome. At the moment I should be writing my thesis work for medicine and soon after that carry on with my business thesis so, if you wonder why I’m not hanging out writing that many blog posts these are part of the reason haha!



2. Work




Working while on a study leave? Yep. So, I’m on a study leave from tech but I still have to do something to get money and also to do mandatory trainings for my degrees. Lately I’ve been working in different fields of medicine to get both money and credits. I do basically 0-40 hours a week depending on how busy I’m with uni, having flexible hours is really great and basically mandatory with the amount of studies I’m doing.



3. My Own Business




As you guys know, I’m also an entrepreneur. Obviously I haven’t gotten any money from blogging lately since I have not been posting and I just have had to say no to all possible cooperations. Anyhow, I have been working hard on photography, content creating and other stuff.


If you’re interested to see some of the things I have done with my company, you find my photos for example from Shutterstock, iStock, Dreamstime and Alamy. You can also find my book from Amazon and Apple Books. I have some other cool projects and ideas going on too that I might share later with you guys.



4. Other Staff




Of course my life includes more than just studies, work and business. I’m still happily married, owning a poodle, having punch of friends and family around, etc. We have also already moved once with apartment #1 and we’re actually moving again right before Christmas with apartment #1 again. At least the apartment #2 has stayed but this year has been quite much moving, packing, unpacking, cleaning, etc.




I’ve also been traveling (of course!) couple of times this year. I have been to Switzerland, Madeira and Cyprus this year. We’re also going to travel to Dubai at the end of the year. I wish there would have been more time to travel but the mandatory university stuff has distracted my hobby lol. Next year we’re also going to do some travels, at least to Switzerland again and hopefully some longer trip at fall or winter time.


What else? Well, I’ve been trying to live healthy and exercise more now that I don’t have so strict work schedules than I sometimes used to have before. What comes to social media, only public one that I’ve been updating still quite often is my Instagram. I have been doing some stories about my everyday life so that the ones interested can follow my life at least that way. I will be posting here time to time but right now I unfortunately need to focus on other things more than social media, I hope you guys understand.




I hope you guys are doing well and haven’t forgotten my existence. Love you! ❤

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