November 2019 Wishlist

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This year I have not been shopping much since I’m basically living poor student life on a study leave haha. Anyhow, it’s always nice to dream of things I could in theory have some day within next ten years. So, it’s time for a wish list. Hopefully you enjoy this post and maybe this will help some of you figure out some Christmas gifts for yourself, friends or relatives.

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November 2019 Wishlist

High Quality Makeup

I don’t actually use much makeup but when I do I prefer high-quality brands. For about forever years I’ve been dreaming of Jeffree Star Conspiracy & Blue Blood Pallettes and his other makeup products. Anyhow, the annoying thing is that I probably have around every possible color of eye makeup already from other brands so I guess I have to save my money on these a little bit longer and try to use the old ones first.


Beige Trench Coat

Another thing I’ve wanted for at least three years but I’ve never found a perfect one. Often high-quality trench coats cost at least 300USD so I’ve decided that I’ll wait for the perfect one. One day I’ll hopefully find it and I wish I could use it for years since finding one seems to be a long process.


New iPhone

I do love my iPhone 8 Plus but since there is already plenty of newer ones it would be great to update the phone. Earlier I used to update around every 1-2 years but because of this study leave thing I’ll probably have to survive a bit longer. Anyhow, I’ve been dreaming of the new ones with amazing cameras and just stunning colors.


Good-Looking Rain Jacket

I have couple of beautiful umbrellas but sometimes it would be handy to have an actual rain jacket. Especially when going out with the dog on a rainy day in the city it would be nice to look good and not to get too wet – all this without need of having the umbrella. Last Black Friday I found some really nice ones but unfortunately those were like two sizes too big. I hope I’ll have better luck this year!


Nice Indoor Shoes for Work

Do you know what people in healthcare industry usually wear here in Finland? Sandals with socks. Yep. I have been fighting agains that with some Nikes that look somewhat okay with hospital socks but they don’t look too professional in my opinion. I’m looking for some work shoes that would be looking nice & professional with socks, feeling good when walking a lot during the day and being suitable to the hospital environment.


Comfortable High-Quality Bedding

I’ve been dreaming of luxurious hotel feeling in my own bed. Lately I figured out that for example Balmuir is offering super luxurious high-quality bedsheet but the issue is that their like 20-100x more expensive than our Ikea ones that are just fine but it would be nice to some day upgrade from fine to perfect since we are anyway spending like 30% of our lives in the bed sleeping.


New Washing Machine

As some of you might know we’ll be moving in around a month and we’ll need to buy some things to our new place. One is definitely going to be a washing machine since the one we’re using at the moment is a) not ours and b) small and not too good otherwise either. Earlier we used to have a big Samsung washer that was playing some cute song when the dishes were done. I would like to get similar one again.


Valance Curtains

Because of the moving process we also need new curtains. I’m dreaming of some simple yet beautiful valance curtains. I would basically love to upgrade about everything in our home but let’s see if that will happen or net. It would be great to have beautiful, fresh, mostly white home.


White Leather Couch

I am honestly not 100% sure if white couch is great or horrible idea but at least those are often really beautiful. And if it would be white leather couch it would be significantly easier to keep clean than canvas one I guess. At the moment we are having a super old beige one in apartment #1 and a pretty new white canvas one in apartment #2.


Maudsley Prescribing Guidelines in Psychiatry

Last but not least probably most boring wishlist item for most of you: a book about prescribing different psychiatry medications. I’ve been doing some shifts in psychiatry lately and I’ll be doing some on call shifts too and it would be great to have comprehensive high-quality book about this topic. I saw one of my colleagues having this one and it seemed like a great book. So, if someone of you guys is studying medicine and interested in psychiatry, I can recommend checking out this one!


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What is in your wish list at the moment? Are you planning to get those some time soon?

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