November Wrap Up 2018

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The November suddenly disappeared and it seems to be Christmas season already. The month has been extremely busy and rough.



November Wrap Up 2018


Studies and Work




What comes to studies the month has been super busy and my studies have been demanding plenty of attention. I failed one exam lately and just did another that I hope I passed. There is also plenty of other school related things like seminars coming soon that keep me busy.


Additionally, two weeks of November were introduction to health care work with working for two weeks in a public health care facility located in two hours from my apartment number 1. That meant driving in total 4 hours every single day. And since it’s super dark here in Finland atm it was quite hard. Anyhow, it was interesting and I managed to do it.




In addition to school, my work has kept me busy when not studying. Also, when the December and Christmas season is here I’ll be doing extra long hours at work. It’s sometimes hard but kind of rewarding. November included Black Friday and it was great to get plenty of good feedback from the customers.


Anyhow, after December things will turn slightly easier since I’ll start 24 months long study leave from my work. It’s kind of great put I’m slightly stressed about the money – and all the exams coming. I do have some money of course but I basically have no salary during the spring which is kind of stressing.


My goal for next 24 months is to be at least 90% ready with both of my degrees. It would be great to get back graduated and ready for new challenges. Cannot wait!




I target doing as many courses as possible during my leave and I also have to work in a hospital for at least 4 months before I can graduate which I’m planning to do during next too summers. I also have to do some research for both of my degrees which I hope I have time as well in coming years.



Hobbies, Projects, Spare Time






I believe I’ll have more time for this blog, hobbies, etc. during spring which I’m excited about! Of course I will keep doing some business with my own company and carry on my forever lasting smoothie book project but it still feels crazy to have plenty of day offs. I honestly don’t remember when I have had more than 1 day par week off both studies and work (or okay during honeymoon but after that).


During this month I have however had some spare time and with that I have trimmed our poodle to continental trim, had some Christmas theme parties, had fun with a sports car for one weekend, etc. So I have had some spare time but it’s mostly like an hour or couple of hours here and there.



Blog and Social




I have posted just couple of posts during the entire month which is crazy and kind of embarrassing. I guess December won’t be great either but I’m happy to at least been able to keep you guys somewhat up to do on what’s up. Too busy, but still happy to be here and share my life with you!


I have also been active in Pinterest, posted some stories to Instagram and even got my photos to one more stock site. The newest one is Finnish site called Rodeo. If you’re a Finnish person or company looking for photos, check out my Rodeo portfolio here. I also got contract to another Finnish site which I’ll share more information with you guys after getting some content published to their site. 🙂




How has your month been? What are your plans for the upcoming December?

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