5 Ways to Get on the Christmas Mood 

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Wanting to get the holiday season started with a big bunch of Christmas mood? In this post I’ll share top 5 ways to get the Christmas mood on. If you have additional tips, feel free to share them in the comments.



5 Ways to Get on the Christmas Mood






5. Burn Scented Candles




Scent of things like Christmas tree, cinnamon and other spices always get me on the mood. Find some candles that are scented with scents you associate with your best Christmas memories. Go under a blanket, take some tea or ginger bread cookies and enjoy the scent of the candle in the air.



4. Listen to Your Favorite Christmas Songs




We all have some music we associate with memories like Christmas at home with family or a favorite song you’ve always listened while decorating the home for Christmas. Turn a list containing your favorites on and enjoy.


If you don’t have a playlist done already, you can find some good ones from services like Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube. If you want to check out my list of international Christmas favorites you can find it from Apple Music.



3. Bake Something that Includes Christmas Spices




Do some spicy cake, gingerbread cookies or something else that smells Christmassy and let the scent of those spices fill your kitchen. Additionally, you can enjoy eating those Christmassy foods or pastries after baking them. If you have friends or family who is still seeking for the mood, invite them over to share the happiness and joy of the holiday season.



2. Write the Cards and Wrap the Gifts




Are you one of those who love to get and give gifts and cards? In that case shopping and wrapping those will get you in the mood. You can also craft and write some cards for friends and family. Those cute reindeers and santa’s of wrapping papers will make anyone smile, right?



1. Decorate Your Home or Room




Lastly my favorite – decorating the home. Decorate the tree with some Christmas ornaments, change theme curtains, carpets, or pillow cases. If you have a home you can enjoy decorating for even more by decorating both inside and outside of your home. However, you can enjoy decorating even with a teeny-tiny dorm room.



*All photos of this post are stock photos from Unsplash


How do your turn on your Christmas mood?


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