CharterAlia Boat Ride – Our Catamaran Experience in Ibiza, Spain

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Boats and sailing are a big thing in Ibiza. When we were looking for a good boat ride experience name CharterAlia came to our results over and over again. They had plenty of positive reviews and photos in sites like TripAdvisor.


CharterAlia offers all kinds of boat experiences from week long trips around the island to bachelor party yacht, sail boats and catamarans. You can rent a boat of your choice with driver for half a day, full day or even for a week. They have boats in different sizes so you can go as a couple or as a group.


We decided to book a catamaran ride from them. During summer time those are done with  3-4 other couples but during the winter season we got the entire boat for us. It was a bit more expensive but totally worth it.


Above: Hello from the Catamaran! In case you missed my Insta Story here it is again 🙂


Our catamaran experience was half a day during early March. This meant that we left from the San Antonio port at the afternoon and arrived after watching the sunset from the boat.


If you book half day you can choose morning or afternoon but I recommend afternoon since you can see the beautiful sunset. It’s also usually a bit warmer then than during mornings. Morning ride might work during the summer season but afternoon is better during the wintertime.



CharterAlia Boat Ride – Our Catamaran Experience in Ibiza, Spain




Above: San Antonio Port Ibiza, this is where you’ll hop on and off



The Communication in Prior


My fiancé booked the boat for us via email. They answered all our emails and questions fast and with good English.


Couple days before our ride our captain, Gabo, send us WhatsApp messages telling when and where exactly we’ll leave. He also told us what we need to take with and answered our questions fast.


I’d say that the communicating from CharterAlia was outstanding both at the time of booking and after it. Very friendly, efficient and fast.



The Boat





Above: The boat


The Catamaran we had was quite big for just us. There was seats for 6-8 people indoors, there was also seats for 6-10 more people outdoors. Additionally, there were nets where we could enjoy the sun outdoors.


Inside the boat was very well equipped. We had an oven, fridge, table, games, electricity plugs, sound system, bed and bathroom. There was also glasses, plates and tableware available.


They also had some snorkels, paddle boats and other tools for different water activities. These would have been even more handy if traveling during the summer but we had to try a bit though! Our captain told us that we were the first ones jumping into the sea this year haha!


Above: Some views from the boat 🙂



The Captain



Above: Thank you for our captain of this lovely photo of us 🙂


Our captain, Gabo, was very nice and friendly. He was happy to show us around and tell us the best spots for snorkeling, beaching, etc. He also showed us some places where the locals like to hangout.


His English was very good and it was easy to communicate with him.



The Route & Activities



Above: This is the area where we were sailing. Screenshot is taken by my fiancee.


You can affect the route. Our captain told us we can either go see different beaches and enjoy the sun from the boat or if we would like to swim and snorkel we’ll go see a bit different spots that are good for swimming.



Above: Still alive and smiling even though the water wasn’t very warm


We decided to try to swim a bit. We saw some good beaches like Cala Bassa. Beautiful rocks and nature, and of course city of San Antonio while leaving and arriving.


We were snorkeling near Cala Secreta beach. It was fun though the water was a bit cold. And spotted the sunset from the boat near Cala Salada beach.



Other Notes



Above: Cala Secreta


Because of laws of Ibiza you must have your passport with you when you rent a boat. So, remember to take with to get into the boat!


Even though CharterAlia’s office in google maps is located in the east Ibiza the boat rides begin only from San Antonio. We asked we could have been picked from the east but the driver told us that with our Catamaran it would have taken five hours to get there. Maybe if you have a longer ride like couple days this might have been possible. Otherwise pick a taxi that takes you to San Antonio in 20 minutes and costs 15€.


Ps. Take some towels and warm clothes with you! After swimming it might get could. Also, if it’s windy it might be a bit chilly out there.



Above: Happy sunset spotters 🙂


Learn more about CharterAlia via their website and TripAdvisor. If you want more tips on what to do in Ibiza, check out my other post about things to do in Ibiza during the wintertime.


Have you ever been to a catamaran? Would you like to try?



  1. Oooh I’d absolutely love try this! Looks and sounds like an amazing experience 🙂 definitely worth it, even though the water was bit cold 🙂


    1. I’m happy to hear that, Jasmin! I don’t regret going but probably summertime would have been better time for this than March haha. 🙂


    1. Thank you for your nice comment, Karoliina! 🙂 It was superb to have it for us. I think the atmosphere would have been quite different with other people around.


  2. Such a wonderful trip! These are amazing experiences and I love this kind of trips,sailing in Mediterranean Sea!


    1. Thank you, Phaytea! I hope you can go boating some time soon. It was a lot of fun! And the views where amazing 🙂


  3. Wow, what an amazing experience! It looks like you guys had a blissful day on the water. Was it awkward at all to have just the Captain without anyone else on board?


    1. He was really nice though mostly he focused on driving so we did not have eye contact all the time or anything. I didn’t find it awkward. 🙂 And yes, this was a nice experience for sure!


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