Spring Cake Inspiration – Stunning Cakes by YouTubers

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Today is time for an inspiration post! I have found some amazing cake videos from YouTube lately and in this post, I’ll share some of my favorite picks from mirror glaze cakes to Raffaello cake. I hope you guys enjoy, yum!

I used to do a lot of these inspiration video posts in the past and I thought it’s time to start doing these again. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment box – is this concept hot or not?

Mirror Glaze Cake by Tasty

I have always wondered how those gorgeous mirror glazes are done and how they get those cakes so smooth from the surface. In this video, there is a delicious looking strawberry cake done. After it’s ready they’ll teach you exactly how to make a mirror glaze and glaze your cake with bicolored glaze. Looks far too good!

Galaxy Mirror Cake by Rosanna Pansino

Do you want to upgrade the concept of mirror cakes to whole next level? Go try a 5-color galaxy cake or use the same concept to do a rainbow cake or other colorful cake. I love the energy of the girl baking this one and the cake looks absolutely amazing.

Strawberry Chocolate Mirror Cake by Home Cooking Adventure

I admit I fall in love with these mirror cakes but I promise, this is the last mirror cake in this post! I wanted to share this video in addition to the previous two to share the idea of making a shiny chocolate glaze (yum!) and also because I love the decoration of this one. Simple, easy yet very beautiful.

Caramel Carrot Cake Recipe by Home Cooking Adventure

Anyone in love with carrot cakes? Well, I certainly am (thanks for one of my friends who makes super delicious carrot cakes to every party haha). This one is a carrot cake upgraded to a whole next level. There is some caramel added and the cake looks extremely beautiful. I must try this one day!

Raffaello Cake by Home Cooking Adventure

Had you ever heard of Raffaello cake before? Well, I hadn’t but this one looks very interesting and delicious. Raffaello cake tastes like almonds and coconut with a hint of vanilla and cream flavors. I guess you cannot go wrong with those?

I hope you enjoyed the post! If you want some additional baking motivation come see my Baking Inspiration -playlist on Youtube! 🙂

I think I’ve got part of my baking motivation back and there might be some of my creations seen on the blog too later this year. I used to have a baking blog for 8 years in the past but after all my photos disappeared because of issues with the servers I was blogging back then I haven’t had that motivation to bake anything for a while.

Featured image on top is a stock photo from Unsplash.

Would you like to see more similar posts in future? Would you like to rather see my creations with instructions here? Or are you interested in baking in general?

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