Blog Anniversary #4 – What Has Dreamer Achiever Achieved so Far + Future Plans?

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It feels crazy that Dreamer Achiever is turning four this week! This blog has improved hugely during last couple years and today I’ll share some of the highlights from this journey.


Thank you all who are reading, commenting, liking and following. Without you this blog would not be what it is. Your feedback, your wonderful comments and the interactive part of this is the best thing this blog offers me.


I love writing and photographing, and I think I’ll never get tired with Photoshop. I’ve loved all these three things since elementary school and the passion will probably always be there. Also, achieving dreams in areas of travel, wellness, style and life in general is still very close to my heart.



What Has Dreamer Achiever Achieved so Far?



This is how the blog looks nowadays, I’m btw blogging in Geneva Airport lounge in this one.


At the very beginning there was just a blog without any other social platforms around it, I started with free version of WordPress without own domain or much knowledge. I had never used Instagram or done videos.


From that very first post I’ve happened to write over 600 posts including a lot of text, photos and couple of videos. These posts have included almost 250.000 words. These posts have gained in total almost 10.000 comments and likes. Wow! Thank you guys.


This blog has been viewed over 100.000 times by over 50.000 unique visitors. At the moment there are around 1000 views per week by 500 unique visitors. Which is cool. So far it seems that this year will be the best so far.


What comes to you guys. Most of you, my readers, seem to come from Finland, USA, UK, Canada and Australia. However, there has been visitors from over 150 different countries, which is around 75% of whole globe covered. Wow!


Last 12 months have been unique in many ways. I did a total makeover to the look of Dreamer Achiever and it’s Facebook page got a new look as well. Since then I’ve done some smaller improvements too. I’ve also been in a blogger event for the first time and I’ve been able to collaborate with some amazing companies.



Above: International blogger event of Nordic Travel Fair 2018. Sorry guys for playing with your faces I didn’t know if publishing would have otherwise been okay for all of you haha. 🙂


I’ve also started to accept guest posts again and at the moment we’re working to create travel inspiration posts with other bloggers and writers. The first one about Morocco was published earlier this month. And there is much more to come! If you’re interested in writing similar list based post about your home country or favorite location, please email me, you can find the contact information here .


During these 4 years I’ve also became active in different social medias. You can find this blog from Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Bloglovin’ and Twitter. With these I still can unleash a lot of potential.


I’ve been quite active in Insta, FB, Pinterest and Bloglovin. What comes to YouTube and Twitter I still have especially a lot to learn. I wish I’d have more time to create good content and plans for all of these. However, my studies, work and other projects are taking some of my time away from blogging and some.



Above: Instagram time! Doing my some in Park in Geneva earlier this month.


Because of Dreamer Achiever I’ve been able to maintain my English and Photoshop skills. This blog has also motivated me to learn Lightroom, Premiere and iMovie for photo and video editing. This was also partially why I bought my EOS 6D camera, see some photos with my 6D in this post.


After getting that camera and studying photography in the US during 2015 I realized my potential as a photographer and started shooting stock photos to Shutterstock (click to explore my portfolio). Taking photos and editing them is a huge passion for me and I’m super excited that I was accepted to Shutter.




Future Plans?


In this section I’ll share six ways I’m planning to use to make this blog even bigger, better and more useful resource for you guys. I want to offer you good and inspiring reads regularly and even though I’ve improved this blog in many ways already, I believe there is always something more I can do.



1. Keep It Constant



It has been challenge for me to keep it constant during the cold and dark wintertime.


During this year I’m planning to make this blog even bigger. I’m targeting to keep posting 3-5 times per week constantly. At the moment I’m actually already planning and scheduling posts to couple months from now. That’s how I want to make sure that I always have content coming even if I’m busy.


Usually, I’ve been struggling during July-December because for me that’s the busiest time in school and work. And the fact that it’s getting darker which makes photo shooting harder doesn’t help. Thus, I target to make some posts including recipes, travel tips, etc. already ready to post next winter.


Of course, I want to keep content up to date so posts about my life and events have to be done later but some content I definitely can already create without it becoming irrelevant. This is something every blogger should do to make sure that the blog keeps going even if you’re busy.



2. Be More Present in Different Platforms



While I take a break of working on my some my fiancee is checking out what I’ve created, it’s great that he loves to review my content before publishing


I think I could get even more out of different medias. A good example is Pinterest. I’ve collected over 1700 pins to different boards but I only get less than 50 visits to blog via Pinterest. This is definitely one of my focus points. I’ll target to make more Pinnable content and also pin some of my content to relevant ones of my boards.


I’m also planning to learn more about other platforms like Twitter. In addition to that I wish I’ll have time to focus and be more active in Insta and Facebook.



3. Become Better in Video



The fact I’m not posting video should not be because of all the equipment I have. I should just learn how to use them all.


I’ve started to shoot some videos during last two years. My iPhone 8 Plus is capable to 4K video and we also bought GoPro Hero5 Black lately. I’m also having iMovie and all Adobe programs on my Mac so I should have all the tools. Only if I’d know how to get the most out of those!


So far I know very very basics but that’s definitely not enough. Thus I’m not posting much video. I hope that during 2018 I’d be able to create some amazing video content to this blog and to YouTube. I’d especially love to create some beautiful travel videos to inspire you guys.




Flowers to celebrate this anniversary and much more ahead 🙂



4. Focus on Networking and Collaborating


One of my focus points is to actually get to know others including bloggers, freelancers and companies. I won’t probably do more than 5-10 company collaborations because I want to be able to do them very well.


However, I’d love to work more with other bloggers. I believe the power of networking is nowadays huge. It’s the best way to interact, learn and also gain new readers. I think the best thing in collaboration is that everyone participating is a winner.


For example if you create me a guest post it will be seen by my audience, you will be seen by my audience. And also, if you share it in your social and link it in your blog I’ll also get new audience to visit my blog. You can of course also use this content in your portfolio of freelance work.


I would like to write couple of guest posts myself and get some guests to write here.


I’d also love to get to know fellow bloggers, writers and readers in real life. I’m planning to participate at least couple blogger events this year. In case your hosting one, feel free to connect me!



5. Update Old Content and Add Meta Descriptions



Working on my blog in a library in Geneva


I’ve in general been okay with SEO optimizing this blog and search engines are every week bringing at least hundred visitors here. However, where I could improve is updating old posts making sure that the content is still relevant and that links work. Additionally, some of my posts are missing meta descriptions that help you guys find this blog via search engines. This will be huge project to go through all the hundreds of posts but I believe I can update this blog to next level by doing these changes.

Btw, if you’re new in blogging make sure you do those description and optimize your blog from the very beginning. That will help you and save huge amount of time in future!



6. Launching New Things around Dreamer Achiever Brand



More flowers to celebrate this anniversary and much more ahead ❤


I am starting an entrepreneurship internet course in my university and part of the course is planning and testing a business idea. I’ve been planning to start my own business around photography, writing and content creating for too long already.


This course is a good reason to actually launch own business in a small scale at the beginning. I’m planning to carry on selling my photos as I’ve done and also start selling photo products like cards. Moreover, I’ve been thinking of starting to do photo restorations but I don’t know for sure – I’m super good in these but they take huge amount of time. I’d like to additionally figure out if there is other photo stocks and freelancer sites suitable for me available. I also hope that I can finish my first book soon and take it part of my entrepreneurship project.


I’ll share more info about this project when it’s actually taking place later this year. I’m scared and excited at the same time. My biggest concern is how I’m going to actually have enough time to but everything together well but I wish I’ll figure out some good solutions before launching the business.




Hello from my favorite library in Helsinki 🙂


All the photos except the featured image on top are mine. The featured one is a stock photo from Unsplash.


I hope there will be many more years of inspiration, passion and happiness coming for me and you. This blog keeps going strong and I have plenty of ideas how to make this even better in future. Anyhow, I’d love to hear your feedback and ideas in comments today and in future too! ❤


  1. Happy Blogiversary! It’s been wonderful to be able to follow along with all your experiences and thoughts! Here’s to another year of success and achievement!


    1. I’m happy to hear that, Kari! I hope this blog inspires and motivates you guys to succeed as well. 🙂


    1. Thank you! Blogging anniversaries always feel special to me. And it’s crazy to realize I’ve actually worked 4 years with this blog. I still consider this blog new haha. Time flies and good things happen. 🙂


  2. Happy blogiversary! I’m sure you’ll go far, you’re not only a dreamer – you’re an achiever as well 🙂


  3. Congratulations on your 4 years blog anniversary!! 4 years might not seem like a lot to some people, but it’s still a big deal especially when you put your heart and soul into it. I am so excited to see what the future holds for you!
    xo, Sondra


    1. It really is quite much! Not many people are even staying in one job that long and I don’t even live with this. And thank you for congratulating, Sondra. It’s great to have sharing this journey by reading! ❤️


    1. Thank you, Fred! I’m super excited too. And I hope this fifth year is even better than the ones before it. 😄


  4. Congratulations! You’ve achieved so much in 4 years, Nora! And all your plans and goals for the future are awesome, too. I’m so impressed that you’re able to keep up with such an awesome blog on top of school and work. While I balance blog and work, I don’t think I would have had it in me to keep to a blogging schedule while I was in school (and in a non-native language no less!). Truly inspiring!


    1. Thanks Beth! I admit it is not always easy and my life tends to be extremely busy time to time. However, being well-organized and not leaving anything to the last minute really helps. I’m happy to inspire and share my achievements here! And really, blog and work is also much and when not having too many things going on you can focus better and it’s also easier to find time to relax that way. Happy blogging! 🙂


  5. Happy Blogiversary! And Happy belated Birthday Nora! Wish you more success and happiness for the years to come!


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