Hair Update: Dark Platinum Blonde

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After a little break from these hair updates I’ll today share how my looks like nowadays. I’ve been growing my hair longer for almost two year now to make sure I can have luxurious high buns for my a) bachelor of medicine graduation party this month and b) wedding next summer.


My hair is reaaaally long nowadays which is weird and cool at the same time. Having hair this long is sometimes a lot of work and I’m becoming a ponytail girl haha. Long hair looks superb open but it’s getting to your face on wind and getting stuck to armpits which is really annoying sometimes.


I have also been working to make my hair to be in better condition by just getting stripes instead of full blonde and taking better care of my hair in general. Hair oils, treatments, etc. have become my friends during last couple years.


However, I want to have nice blonde hair for the wedding so we started going back to actual blonde couple days ago with my hairdresser.


Here is the before and after of my hair (and btw it’s crazy how much your pose affect what shape your face looks like haha – there is 3 hours between these photos and same spot and same phone):





If you’re curious to see how my hair has looked previously, there are plenty of posts including stories and photos, check them out from these links:


Experiences with changing the color (if you want to see me with my natural dark brown hair check these out):



This time my hair was bleached (around top 50% of it). And then it was toned with some cold tones to make it nice and a little bit platinumish. My hair is a bit darker than I wanted it but my own hair is like super dark brown with a lot of red pigments so compared to that this result is really good.


I think next time we’ll add some stripes to make my hair a bit lighter. We didn’t want to do this at the same time because, a) getting to this point already took 3 hours and b) my hair would probably die with more bleaches at ones. I’m trying to have it in the best possible condition next summer so we have to careful and not to bleach too much at once.


Having or getting a blonde is always couple years or months long project. If you’re planning to become blonde from dark colors, remember to stay patient and be prepared to use a lot of time and money at hairdresser and also to hair products. I love the blonde look and I think it’s worth all that but before you go blonde think about it first, it’s not something to do for just one month or so if you’re color is dark brown or black.



And finally here is one more photos of my new hair, below you can see front and back. When my hair did get that tall haha? What do you think about my newest hair style?







Have a beautiful week guys! 🙂


  1. Looks good on you and love the honesty: long hair looks good but can be such a pain to wear (which is why mine is never quite that long)


    1. Thank you for the comment, Natalie! I’ve been growing my hair for two years. That’s because I’ll get married next summer. Probably I’ll go back shorter after that. 🙂


    1. Thank you, Sondra! I’ve loved doing these hair updates – and the best part is watching couple years later how you used to look. 🙂 I also hope that it’s helpful for my readers to see these transformations and read what to take in consideration if planning to get similar hair.


  2. I love it! I also grew out my hair for my wedding. I did find I couldn’t sleep with my hair down when it got long and from then on put my hair up in a pony or a bun. I like the look of yours! I think it’s going to be beautiful on your wedding day!


    1. Thank you, Kari! 🙂 I’m usually sleeping with a bun too. But not actually because of me but because of my fiancée doesn’t like have face covered with my hair when sleeping haha.


  3. So pretty!!! I love it. And you are right about the long hair getting in the way sometimes. I hate it when I go to shut the car door and it gets caught and you close the door on it. haha


    1. Thanks for the comment, Whitney. Having hair stuck somewhere can be really annoying. So far I haven’t got mine between the car door but I can feel it happening when the hair gets little longer when the summer comes.


  4. It’s beautiful! I’m a natural blonde and although I like the color of my hair, I often get highlights to add some depth and make it even lighter. Blonde hair is also naturally finer (as in, the hair shaft itself is actually thinner) so if you’re a brunette turned blonde, you’ll still have thick hair! Lucky you 😉 mine is very fine.


    1. I wish I’d be a natural blonde, it would make my life a lot easier haha. With brunette turned into blonde you’ll need bleaching every 3-8 weeks. For me it’s 3 hours in hairdresser’s chair every 6 weeks. It’s nice to have thinker hair but it’s a lot of work though. Btw, I checked out our blog and your hair looks fantastic! Also, congrats on the baby. ☺️


      1. Yes that’s true, I’ve heard about the intense process it is to go blonde from brunette. Props to you for making it work! I don’t think I could do it as much as I love being blonde. Thank you so very much ❤️


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