Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Valentine’s day is the day for celebrating friendships and relationships, and love in general. Make your Valentine’s unforgettable by creating lovely memories with your loved ones.


Lately I’ve shared tips about what to do during Valentine’s Day. I’ve also shared our plans and what we have done during earlier Valentine’s Days: Hot stone massage & dinner in the dark Valentine’s Day & Valentine’s Day in Ohio with a friend.




This year we have decided not buy anything for each other. Instead we will be going to one super nice and fancy restaurant in Helsinki to have a great night. We were also planning to go have massages in a spa, but I was sick whole last week so I don’t think that’s the best idea right now. Anyhow, I hope we’ll have an incredible experience in that restaurant above the roofs of Helsinki.


To greet you awesome Valentine’s I decided to share some beautiful rose photos with you today. These photos are from Pixabay – a free photo bank I found from another blog. I hope you enjoy the photos and have a great day! 🙂




What are you planning to do today? How you usually spend Valentine’s?

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