OOTD: Bohemian Stylish Hippie Look

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Usually, I love classy, luxurious looks however sometimes it’s good to just enjoy the summer and relax. What could be a better look for that than bohemian hippie look?


StylishBohemianHippieLookKallioHelsinki2937 kopio

StylishBohemianHippieLookKallioHelsinki2965 kopio


This look got its inspiration from dotty hippie style pants I found from Zara. I paired those with an old matching top from Tommy Hilfiger. I also wore some old gladiator sandals, sunglasses and a knit I found from a local market place couple years ago.


This look was excellent for taking some photos and just enjoying a day off in the urban areas of Helsinki. Photos are taken in Kallio which I call the Brooklyn of Helsinki. It’s the place to be for artists and free spirits – and of course for hippie-looking bloggers haha!


StylishBohemianHippieLookKallioHelsinki3035 kopio

StylishBohemianHippieLookKallioHelsinki2989 kopio


Bohemian Stylish Hippie Look

Pants: Zara

Top: Tommy Hilfiger

+ Knit, shoes, sunglasses and jewelry are all oldies / no logos


StylishBohemianHippieLookKallioHelsinki2933 kopio

StylishBohemianHippieLookKallioHelsinki2970 kopio


I might go back to my classy looks when the fall comes but being a bit bohemian / hippie and wandering around like this is super relaxing during holidays and day offs. 🙂 While wearing this look I fall in love with my half pony – half open hair style. It keep hair out of my face, is easy to do and looks kind of cool.


I think my look will be pretty much something like this during our road trip to Europe. When you like to look nice but not but that much effort on your look these kind of looks are perfect.


StylishBohemianHippieLookKallioHelsinki3037 kopio

StylishBohemianHippieLookKallioHelsinki2982 kopio


Do you like wearing this kind of bohemian looks?


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