My Favorite Perfumes Series: #2 Acqua di Gioia by Giorgio Armani

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Looking for a fresh and light everyday go-to scent? Try Acqua do Gioia by Giorgio Armani. The scent of this one is super nice, light and fresh and lasts a couple of hours easily. This scent has got a lot of compliments from my colleagues and customers so I’m not the only person loving this one for everyday use!






The scent of this one is something that I’d describe fresh air in a park after rain during the summertime. It’s very pure, fresh like raindrops and reminds me of a forest or park full of freshness and plants.


There are some lemon and fresh herbs in the scent. Acqua di Gioia by Giorgio Armani is perfect for you if you want to feel and smell nice and fresh. It’s not too strong scent and most people will only notice that you smell nice and clean. That’s perfect for everyday occasions like work or school.


Most people on the internet seem to say that this is only for spring and summer but I think you can wear this for winter too if your goal is the smell fresh without getting too much attention to your scent. I always prefer light scents for daytime irrespective of the season.






The design of the package is very simple and minimalistic. It’s in balance with the freshness and nature vibes of the scent. This is sold in 3 different sizes and as a roller. They’re all simple and beautifully designed.




Price and Buying


I’ve used far too many bottles of this scent over years and I always have at least couple at home and one in my purse. In general, this scent has always been easy to find from about every big store with good perfume section. Also, it’s good to know that in general there aren’t big differences in the prices of this between stores or countries.


Usually, the smallest, 1.0oz (30ml) costs around $50 (50€), middle one 1.7oz (50ml) costs slightly over $70 (70€) and the biggest 3.4oz (100ml) is usually somewhere between $90-100 (90-100€). It’s a good idea to have the smallest one always in purse and the middle or the big one at home.


Shop your own:

Giorgio Armani (USA)

John Lewis (EU)

Stockmann (Finland)





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What perfume is your everyday go-to? Why?


  1. I just bought this one recently! I love love love the scent.

    Any australians interested in this perfume you can get it from myers / david jones from around $80 🙂

    Thanks Nora!

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  2. I typically just use a lightly scented lotion…because I don’t like smells that are too strong. So maybe this would be a good perfume option for me. Thanks for sharing!

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