NYX Haul 2: Little NYX Lipstick Haul

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There is plenty of good things written about NYX lipsticks so I wanted to try myself. The expectations were high but these products are not worth hype.

Price is quite low but I’d rather save my money and buy one YSL lipstick instead of 2-3 of these. I usually write only positive reviews but since NYX is very popular (and I love many of their eye and skin products) I thought that you guys might be interested to hear my opinion about these.


The packaging and the product names are nice and cute. Externally everything was very promising I couldn’t wait to try the lipsticks.

The scent wasn’t anything special but often time it isn’t what comes to lipsticks. I have mostly the Body Shop, YSL and Louboutin lipsticks and none of them smells very special so it’s fine if there isn’t a nice or special scent coming from a lipstick. It would be nice thought.

NYX has plentyย of different lipstick color under their multiple series. The ones I bought are 1. NYX Butter Lipstick BLS16 Fun Size Mini, 2. NYX Butter Lipstick BLS18 Summer Fruits and 3. NYX matte Lipstick MLS01 Nude Diaphane


Above: 1. NYX Butter Lipstick BLS16 Fun Size Mini (lowest), 2. NYX Butter Lipstick BLS18 Summer Fruits (middle) and 3. NYX matte Lipstick MLS01 Nude Diaphane (top)


1. NYX Butter Lipstick (BLS16) Fun Size Mini





This one was quite hard to apply, not because you wouldn’t get the product to your lips (you sure can, very easily actually) but making it look nice and to have similar color and amount of product all over is basically impossible. I got areas where you can see my own color and stripes where you have too much of the product.

Once you get it as nice as possible it’s all gone at the first kiss or sip of water. How annoying! Makes these easy to remove but not worth money.

The tone was warm pink that works okay with my skin color. Also, this feels good and soft (like having just chapstick on) but it cannot make me buy this product again. Good for one photo but not for everyday use.

2/5 stars

2. NYX Butter Lipsticks (BLS18) Summer Fruits





This one too is quite hard to apply and fades unevenly, just like number 1 . Also the texture was similar (nice and soft, easy to remove).

The tone of this one is very light and cold pink. Works fine on me but would be better for someone with lighter skin tone and natural blonde hair. If you are one of those naturally very white blonde girls and you want something with very natural finish this could be okay for you.

Okay product for photo or two and again very valuably priced but not good for everyday use because it’s impossible to make this last all day.

2/5 stars

3. NYX Matte Lipstickย (MLS01) Nude Diaphane





This one was easier to apply and fade more evenly. However it packed into lines after half an hour so this one didn’t do too good either. I’m a bit sad because this color happens to be quite nice. It’s peachy pink with matte finish and very good coverage.

Otherwise nice product but requires fixing like once a hour. At least I want that my lipstick lasts for couple of hours at least because when at work or party I want to focus on doing other things than fixing my makeup. If you apply some foundation + powder to your lips before applying this, the product will last a little longer but still isn’t too good.

2.5/5 stars


These lipsticks were quite disappointing but I’m still curious to try more NYX products. However if you prefer very natural looks and don’t mind adding your lipstick every couple of hours you might like these. The colors are beautiful but definitely the overall isn’t the same than in higher end ones. While doing this NYX Haul series I’ve found one product that I use in daily basis, it’s the NYX Highlight & Contour Pro palette. I’m also absolutely in low with their bronzers and eyeshadows.



Do you see those lines in my lips? That happened in less than 30 minutes with all of the lipsticks I tried.


What do you think about NYX products? Which is your favorite? What are you favorite lipstick brands in general?


  1. Sorry that none of the lipsticks here seemed to live up to expectations. It would not be good if the lipstick were uneven, hard to apply or vanished in an hour. That’s no good.


    1. I totally agree! I usually use either YSL or Louboutin lipsticks but I wanted to give these a try. But well, I’ll stay with my good old favorites because they’ll stay with me while day! ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Thanks for the review. I did not use lipsticks NYX, but wanted to try. I do not like lipstick with a strong smell, the taste of lipstick during the day is very annoying.


  3. I love the summer fruits one! I lke wearing lipstick but I dont feel like Im quite bold enough to wear it regularly, and these shades are all so subtle and perfect for spring!


  4. Oh I would love to do a NYX lipstick Haul! What a beautiful colors. I like that they are all very suitable for daily wear and at work also. Perfect for my skin color (or yours). xo Sabine


    1. That could sure be helpful. These worked little better with some foundation and powder under them but I prefer lipsticks that are good to go without all kinds of tricks to make them look okay.


  5. So far I haven’t used any Nyx makeups, but heard about it a lot as it seems to be it-brand at the moment. Great review btw, gives honest opinion:)


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