How I Did with my 2016 New Years Resolutions?

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Last year I did plenty of resolutions for this year. Today I’ll tell you how I did with those. You can read all my resolutions from this post. I hope you guys enjoy!

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1. Travel and Explore

I promised to visit at least in three European countries and the US. I also promised to make a road trip, drive at least 5 cool sports cars and improve my English. In addition I promised to visit at least 5 cities of Finland.

Some of those I did and some I didn’t. I did plenty of driving around also called road tripping in Finland and Portugal. I visited France, UK and Portugal that makes exactly three European countries. I think that I have kept my English around in the same level but learned some new vocabulary. I also did travel more than 5 cities in Finland.

I though have to disappoint you with two things. I was unable to travel to the US because I started to work part-time and lost quite a big amount of my income. I also did not drive 5 or more sports cars and took pictures of them. I was in more than five though.


2. Live Healthy & Look Good

I promised to stay lovely and tanned, and keep my lashes and nails long and beautiful. I also promised to exercise at least 3-5 times a week, dance weekly and learn to golf. Additionally I promised to get perfect body by eating out less, not drinking energy drinks, drinking more water and burning 470 calories a day.

I did became a better golfer, I drank more water and ate out less (well 2015 I ate my every meal out so this was an easy one), I am also drinking less Coke and energy drinks but I didn’t quit totally. I was exercising more than last year and lost 10 pounds (5kilos). I don’t yet have a perfect body but I’m going to right direction. I’m sad that I have not had enough time to dance weekly and that my studies forced me to remove my plastic nails and eyelash extensions.


3. Improve My Blog & Ig

I did 191 updates to this blog this year. That makes on average 3.7 per week. However I was posting more at the beginning of the year so I think I didn’t actually meet the goal to blog 3-5 times.

Some more numbers about this blog just for fun: 2016 dreamer had around 31 000 views, 16 500 visitors, over 2000 likes and over 600 comments! This was a good year for this blog. Improvement in views and visitors wasn’t too big compared to last year but amount of likes and comment was tremendously higher than last year. Thank you all for being active! I hope you guys keep leaving me replies next year, those always make my day! 🙂

I’ve been working on the tags and categories actively and I’ve improved them a lot but this project is not ready yet. I also gave a lot more effort to backgrounds of my outfit photos. I also did plenty of healthy recipes – smoothies and smoothie bowls especially. Thus I did improve quite many things.

I also did some giveaways, sponsored posts and photoshop projects but not as many as I had promised. I will keep improving and working on this blog next year too. I’m quite busy with my life but I still want to do better every day.


4. Be Social

I promised to enjoy cultural activities at least twice a month, be social in real life and some, meet friends at least as much as during 2015 and comment blogs and igs every day.

Well at first I have to say that the promise to something like commenting every single day is just impossible – sometimes I work 13 hours a day and sometimes I’m hosting a party and at that time commenting is not the first thing in mind. So I failed that one. However I did comment more than last year, so I’m improving! I met a lot of friends and were active what comes to culture.

How you did with your resolutions?

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