Next year I will:

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  1. Travel & Explore

– Do a road trip

– Drive at least 5 cool sports cars (and take photos of them)

– Travel at least three European countries (for example Sweden, UK and France)

– Travel to the US

– Improve my English, particularly vocabulary and grammar

– Volunteer at least twice

– Travel at least 5 cities of Finland (for example Porvoo, Turku, Tampere, Hanko, Kotka)


  1. Live Healthy & Look Good

– Stay as lovely as last year

– Get tanned and stay tanned

– Exercise more: at least 3-5 times a week

– Keep nails and lashes long and beautiful

– Dance every week

– Learn to golf

– Do not drink or buy energy drink (ready), caffeine pills are fine

– Get a perfect body: six pack, no cellulite, etc

– Activity goal 470 or more calories a day (Apple Watch)

– Start drinking more water

– Eat out less

IMG_20150117_215238 (1)

  1. Improve My Blog & Ig

– Blog 3-5 times a week

– Ig 4-10 times a week

– Check categories and tags of my blog

– Do at least 10 sponsored posts

– Do at least 10 Photoshop projects (and learn something new with each of them)

– Do a monthly give away!

– Give more effort to the backgrounds of outfit posts

– Post inspiring healthy recipes like smoothies


  1. Be Social

– Enjoy cultural activities at least twice a month (theater, ballet, music, museums, etc)

– Be more social in real life and social media

– Meet friends at least as much as during 2015

– Comment blogs and igs every day

PS. I’ve Tommy Hilfiger bag give away open here in my blog, check my previous post to participate!


  1. Used to travel once a month to Toronto for the day that would cost $120. Decided to give up on Toronto 6 months ago and do Budget trips to NYC twice a year instead the trips cost about $500. I have to travel to Toronto to get the bus to NYC so i will spend the day in Toronto twice a year then go NYC. So what i’m trying to say is cutting out a few small things works out to doing more big things. Next month i’m in NYC. I also went in Aug 2015 and Nov. 2015.

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