Hair Update: From Blonde to Cold Brown – Platinum Blonde Ombré

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About a week ago I went to hairdresser to get a new look. I have now bleached my dark brown hair to platinum / golden blonde for about two years. I wanted something different that should still be quite light.

I was thinking either black-grey ombré or brown-blonde ombré. We were trying to achieve brown-blonde with cold tones (cold dark brown to platinum).


My hair can sometimes be a bit tricky… we colored it once and to roots were too warm almost reddish brown and the rest of my hair was quite golden blonde. Thus we added some dark brown again and tried to get the roots less red. We also tried to achieve platinum tone for the rest of my hair. This whole process took approximately 3.5 hours.

Well, the colors didn’t stick very strong at the first try but on the second my hair turned a to dark brown / granite toned. Haha. I’m quite sure the granite tone ends up to lighter grey and then platinum when washing it but will see. If it doesn’t I might get this fixed to lighter tone with my hairdresser.


What do you guys think about my new look?


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