New Leather Bands for my Apple Watch

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Earlier I have reviewed my sport band collection – today I’ll show you my new gorgeous leather made Classic Buckles. I was unable to decide the color I want so I bought both Saddle Brown and Black. And good that I did because I thought that I would prefer black but actually the brown one is my new favorite! White would also be my color but I’m sure I would not be able to keep it white.

Leather bands are beautiful and more stylish and luxurious looking than the sport bands I used to wear. Sport band is a must if you workout but for every other situation these leather ones are great.

1. Black Classic Buckle



2. Saddle Brown Classic Buckle




As you know I have the gold aluminum 38mm case. It’s a small minus that the parts that connect these buckles to the case are always silver. I think they suit best with the stainless steel case in silver color. Just to let you know if you’re choosing a watch it might be a good idea to first think witch bands you want and how they fit with different cases. You can try different case-band-face combination in Apples website.

What you guys think about these bands with my gold case? Hot or not?


Shop your own bands from Apples webstore

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