Apple Watch Bands I Use with Apple Watch Sport with Gold Aluminum Case

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Have you ever wondered how do different colored bands look with a golden cased Apple Watch Sport? I’ll show you mine.


1. Apple Watch Sport Gold + Antique White Sport Band

Very fresh, soft and beautiful tone makes this one my summertime favorite.


2. Apple Watch Sport Gold + Black Sport Band

Is there anything more classy than black and gold? Perfect combo for sure. I also love the fact that black is basically impossible to get dirty.


3. Apple Watch Sport Gold + Product Red Sport Band

Cool bright red band for Valentine’s Day and Christmas, also great when your wearing something else that’s red or you just want to add some color to your outfit.


4. Apple Watch Sport Gold + Lavender Sport Band

Beautiful and soft color. This one is nice with summertime pastel outfits.


Some of my friends has said they wish they would have chosen because it’s easier to match with the bands. However I love my golden watch case – it’s luxurious and a bit different. 🙂 I would love to get brown and black classic bundles to match with my watch. Otherwise I’m happy with the bands I have now. I’m very sporty so the sport bands are a must, but it would be nice to have something more classy. 🙂


Which bands would you pair with my watch?

Ps. Match the cases and bands in Apple’s official website and see & shop all the bands in same site here.

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