What You Can Do with Apple Watch?

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In last six months my Apple Watch has changed my life. I’m not checking my phone every ten seconds. I’m not panicking if my phone is not right next to me, I don’t even need it for calling people or changing my music. In this post I’ll tell you how all this happened what my thoughts about Apple Watch are after six months with it.

General information:
Apple Watch is a smart watch which you can pair with iPhone 5 or newer that has iOS 9.0 or newer. It’s more than just watch it’s a device that brings calling, messages and much more to your wrist. You can personalize it’s band and choose it’s apps.

Applications I use with my watch:

1. Watch face
– it’s a watch so the app I use the most is the watch face. You can personalize it for Mickie Mouse to butterflies and traditional analog looking.


2. Calling
– you’re running hands full of bags or driving a car and your phone rings in your bag but hey, no prob you can just answer with your watch and talk via it’s microphone! How handy is that? 🙂



3. Activity
– This app tells you how many calories you have burned, have you sat all day long or were active. When you have paired a phone and your watch you will be able to see your long time activity in your phone. Super motivating and informative app that has been my personal trainer during my March challenge. 🙂

IMG_9274       IMG_9275

4. Workout
–  choose the exercise type and decide your goal. The watch will be your personal trainer it informs you about your pulse, training time, calories burned and distance if your for example running or walking. It also tells you when you have reached your goal or half of it. All workouts can be saved to the Activity App of your iPhone.

IMG_9271       IMG_9270

5. Apple Music
– turn the music on, change playlists without touching your phone. Change songs and volume. It’s great when your phone is charging or you are just too lazy to find it.


6. Instagram
Check out latest update and like them. See your notifications without opening the phone.


7. Timer
Cooking or exercising? Then you will definitely enjoy having timer on your wrist. Set time, let’s say two minutes, and the watch will vibrate when you’re done. Pretty handy! This saved all my gingerbread cookies last Christmas. 😉

+ you can see all the notifications of Facebook, Whatsapp, LinkedIn, WordPress and etc

Read more from the official website of Apple (click)!

Have you your own Apple Watch? What are your favorite apps?

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